Pregnancy being one of the most exhilarating experiences, naturally gives way to speculations and guesses about gender prediction; with the anxiously anticipating mother and for that matter both the expectant mother and father coming under its overwhelming influence.

Perhaps, since the inception of human race and over years together, socially inherent myths, fads and fallacies guided the issue of gender prediction. Widely varying myths and beliefs surrounding the given concept of gender prediction and those lacking a scientific bias are generally referred to as old wives tales. Despite the insurgence of scientific methods and techniques, old wives tales with their origin in traditional myths and folklores still retain their partial impact on modern society.

Chinese gender prediction

Different old wives tales and methods of gender prediction

One of the old wives tales centers on the manner of carrying. It is widely upheld by this popular myth that if one carries low, she would be predicted to be bearing a male child; whereas one carrying high is likely to be showered with a cute looking baby girl. Scientifically the belief lacks in basis for there isn't any logical nexus. Manner of carrying depends on the muscular tone of the womb.

Another of those highly eccentric stories revolves around the manner of her hunger. In course of pregnancy, if she develops passion for sweets and chocolates; she would be giving birth to girls; whereas her hunger for something sour to taste would imply the reverse. Science is yet to find a connection between manner of hunger and that of the sex of a child.

Another equally funny story revolves around wobbling a ring, a chain or a needle. Its procedure is something like this. You are to dangle your wedding ring over your pregnant tummy, if the ring swings circularly, you may hope for a girl; but instead of circular motion, if it swings back and forth; you can hope for a boy. Instead of swinging a ring, you may also go for a chain or a needle.

According to another associated version, you may swing the mentioned articles over your wrist and look out for similar movements with correspondingly similar fallouts. In spite, of being outrageously illogical it is worth being tried out for some light moments of good humor.

There is yet one more and this time it relates to the beauty of a pregnant woman. According to one side of the story if a woman appears beautiful during her pregnancy, she is likely to give birth to a girl child because of the hormonal compatibility. An attractive woman losing charm during pregnancy predicts a masculine fetus on grounds of hormonal mismatch.

The antithesis of the previously mentioned story upholds that a female fetus is supposed to draw out the beauty of its mother, thus a woman expecting a female baby is likely to lose her charm and appeal. The mutually contradicting stories themselves make for their incredibility.

Another such incredible hearsay sustains itself around the weight of your husband. In keeping with it, if your better half adds to his weight, you may more or less predict a girl babe, if he does not you can expect a boy. It does not explicitly state as to what should be predicted, if he loses his weight. Similarly there are some who go by the facial look of a woman. If it is round and plump, you are said to be carrying a baby girl; but again there is no basis. Even if they turn out to be right, you can take it as a mere coincidence.

Again it is irrationally believed that an expectant having pimples is associated with a female fetus; with additional secretion of female hormones leading to her pimples.

One more of those stories which was thought to be partially scientific hinges around the heart beat of the concerned fetus. In keeping with this theory, a male fetus is likely to have heart beat below 140 in one minute; whereas heart beat exceeding the mark of 140 predicts the possibility of a female fetus. This story which had some basis of possible scientific investigation gave way to researches and study. But consequent medical research and analysis could not establish a possible connection.

Another myth which apparently seems to be scientific, but lacks the back up of science in essence, is the use of Drano- a chemical which is supposed to react with the expecting woman's urine. To be performed after the fourth month of gestation, few drops of the given chemical is to be added to the urine sample. If the color changes to dark brownish you are touted as carrying a boy child, but if there is no change of color; or if it appears as greenish; the opposite is expected.

Scientific evidence and experiment could not establish the above mentioned co relation; neither could it prove whether the chemical reacts desirably to a pregnant woman's urine sample. Besides the mixing which gives rise to sudden fuming may turn out to be a risky proposition from the point of view of its user. It may even take on an explosive dimension. So the use of chemical whose origin lies in some sort of folklore should be avoided.

According to a legend of China, a calendar based on lunar month which converts mother's age and month of her conception into its format can predict gender with sufficient accuracy. Despite lacking in scientific support it is used with quite a bit of popularity.

Apart from the mentioned stories there is a few more amazingly hilarious dealing with the size of your breast down to the end by which you pick up a key. All of them are good for time pass and entertainment; but never have your faith pinned on them because they are terribly misleading.

Gender prediction is indeed a necessity; it helps you out with a whole lot of mental and social preparations. But if you opt for it; the best option is to have it done scientifically after a due consideration of all the methods and their respective merits and demerits. The choice is yours and you have quite a few scientific methods to choose from.