The 'fastidious' Virgo babies are analytical, very attentive and helpful children. Choose names with the syllables 'To', 'Tau', 'Pa', 'Pha', 'Pi', 'Pee', 'Phi', 'Pu', 'Poo', 'Phu', 'Sha', 'Ana', 'Ane', 'Na', 'Th', 'Pe', 'Pay', 'Pha', 'Po', 'Pau' and 'Pho' for your Virgo baby.

  • One who adornes mountain
  • Lord of mountains ( himalaya )
  • King of all Serpants in Hindu mythology;
  • King of Serpants
  • Serpant King
  • Lord krishna
  • Saviour of serpents
  • Nagraj means,"Lord of the Nagas" or serpent king
  • The ancient word of Sanskrit origin means 'neighbour or kindred' 'fellow man'. It is another name given to Lord Krishna and Lord Vishnu as reference to the illusive powers or maya to confound every being.
  • A mythological king

By studying the astrological sign, you can understand the specific traits and choose auspicious names for your baby boy.