A new entrant in your family. It surely will create a hell lot of excitement, tension and awe on how each new mother and father will welcome the new inmate!

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Names are Keepers, so better decide on the right one now!

Heard about a name ‘Neveah’?

Well, it was one of the most popular names in the late 90’s, but later on one fine couple found out that if this name was spelled backwards, it would be known as ‘Haeven’. Now that slowly decreased the use of this name and now it no more appears among the most loved names.

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A few reasons that we need to consider that would have led to hatred or fear of certain names are:

  1. Some personalities in history have been really cruel to their people, to their country.
  2. They had an endless thirst for power, wealth, fame, and to wholly accepted by the world.
  3. Their thoughts and deeds were ruthless and in short merciless.
  4. All their mind figured out was how to gain results by hook or crook.
  5. So, the after effects of their decisions obviously had spread its devilish arms into the lives of innocent people who lived under their control.
  6. Film characters: It could be because they look deformed and usually had very lonely, sad endings.
  7. Of course, certain villains were detested by the world by all means. So, there is no sensible reason to put such names for your child?
  8. Apart from them, a few names in this collection includes people who were famous in careers but due to crime, or bad habits or indecent deeds- they happened to fall into the disliked groups of names. Some of them would be Miley Cyrus, Kardashian, Lance Armstrong.
  9. Then, if you go to see, some names actually mean bad luck, death, sadness, horror, darkness in life, and things like that.... So, knowingly it is not an option to add to your child’s name!

Attila: One of the most ruthless rules of the Hunnic Empire was Attila the Hun. He conquered and won his wars without guilt or remorse, but was horribly murdered on wedding night.

Alice: A sweet name by itself, but the bad luck is that it is banned in Saudi Arabia.

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Bane: This is a famous villain from the comic book of Batman and since he was able to defeat Batman in many instances, this name is not preferred. Also, this name means death, and distress.

Chris Brown: The singer that America drooled over. Now why is this guy in this list? It is because of his character. See, he posed to be a highly negative role model for many teens around the world- especially in USA. From abusing girls, to a couple of silly anger tantrums- this crazy guy seems to send wrong signals that any rich kiddo would do.

Why do want your child to be constantly reminded by the Chris feats?

Duncan: Now, there is nothing wrong with this name, but in Iceland- since there is no alphabet called ‘C’ - the name was proposed as ‘banned’.

Ivan: For those who have read about Ivan IV of Russia, you will remember how he was the brutal terror of Russia. His nickname was ‘Ivan the Terrible’. Want to know his past time? He loved murdering people in huge frying pans!! Isn’t that a form of cannibalism?

Joker: Another fictional villain from Batman who was popular but for looks, his actions and so on. As such, the name is avoided due to this character.

Adolf Hitler: This famous Nazi King is not anonymous to us, is it? His aversion to Jews was evident through his deeds during the Holocaust. Imagine the number of families who lived with fear and struggled to escape from his vampire infused crusades!

Just to remind: Ah yes, this name is banned in many countries!

Adolph Eichmann: He was part of the Holocaust and it was revealed that he got immense joy when he organized the death of five million Jews!

Osama Bin Laden: If 9/11 lingers in your mind, then so will Osama Bin Laden. Kindly note that it is banned in Germany. After all, why go for a name of a person who brought sorrow to millions of families?

Lance Armstrong: Who would have forgotten his heroic acts that ranged from cheating, to using steroids and also fighting against cancer? A short lived success story, that you wouldn’t want to attach to your family!

Messiah: Well, some people love unique names, but you think a bit more about what it means or stands for? Messiah is believed to a name only for Lord Jesus Christ none other. This name too is banned in many places for religious purposes.

Vlad: The Terrible Prince of Wallachia was none other than Vlad III, and his passion was- the more torturous death imposed- the more joy he attained. Why should your baby be attached a man ‘with no heart’ at all? Think about it!

Scar: Remember the villainous character in The Lion King. It is said he depicted a version of Adolf Hitler and that was displayed well as jealous, shrewd, and ruthless lion.

Josef Stalin: Most people use these names as first or middle names, but in many places this name is looked with a negative eye. This notorious leader was one who ordered the mass killing of helpless farmers in Soviet Union.

If you look at the lives of all these people, they had horrible deaths too. Our personal advice is- go with a name that is simple and which means goodwill to your child and to all.

Miley Cyrus: Are you surprised? But, this is true- she is not at all favoured for her rebellious and childish acts in life. Definitely, you wouldn’t like your child to be a spoiled brat?

Akuma: It means a devil, in Japanese and it goes without saying- the name is not accepted in Japan.

Annie: As such, this name seems to be fins, but when you think Annie Wilkes- a brutal character in the novel named Misery written by Stephen King- we are bound to have a chill down our spine. So, why don't we avoid this name? Trust us, she was a real demon.

James Bond: The film and the character is awesome, but for some reason it is banned in Sonoro. The government is totally against this name.

Robocop: Banned in Mexico as this villain character brings nothing better than terror, and grief to all.

Now, let’s put an end to these bad and horrible names. There is still more to this, and we will keep updating you on the same.

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Just a sweet reminder: Your baby is the one to carry this name all their life- so make it one that both your child and the world loves!