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  • It means 'breath' and signifies the breath of God
  • Of the earth
  • Of the earth
  • It meansa small flame of fire
  • It means the child is sharp as an eagle
  • A man from hadria
  • A fiery young man
  • A fiery young man
  • A fiery young man
  • IT is a Christian name that means Mountain of Strength
  • Rule with mercy
  • In Hebrew, it means 'exalted', 'enlightenment' , high mountain'.
  • One who is exalted ; from the mountain of strength
  • One who is exalted ; from the mountain of strength
  • A fiery young man
  • Son of king david
  • Born on a thursday
  • Father
  • Servent of god
  • Abe
    Father of a multitude
  • In Hebrew, it means 'Vanity, breath'.
  • One who is stubborn and detremined
  • This name means a man of multitudes
  • A  bubbly and enthusiastic person
  • Worshipper
  • Father or mother of many
  • The lord is my father
  • In Hebrew, it means 'father of light'.
  • Father of a multitude ; father of nations
  • Father of a multitude
  • Father of a mighty nation
  • A form of abraham
  • Father
  • My father is peace
  • The lord holds adam - the first man
  • Meadow of oak trees
  • A form of ackerley
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