All set to welcome your baby girl in the next few months, but still confused about the perfect name for her? Here is a collection of the best girl baby names to help you choose the right name for your beautiful princess.

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Name Meaning Religion Shortlist
A'dab Hope and need Muslim
A'idah Visiting, returning; reward Muslim
A'li Exaulted, noble, highest social standing Muslim
A'mal Hopes, aspirations Muslim
Aaarti Worship with lamps Hindu
Aabidah Worshipper Muslim
Aabirah Passer by, Fragrant Muslim
Aachal It is name that means steady or immovable Hindu
Aadab Hope and need Muslim
Aadal Azhagi   Hindu
Aadarshini It means honour or prestige Hindu
Aadharsha It is a hindi word meaning pride, honour Hindu
Aadhriti Stalwart Hindu
Aadhvitha Unique, one of a kind Hindu
Aadhya It means 'first' Hindu
Aadila One who is righteous and high in moral Muslim
Aadilakshmi It is used to imply Goddess Lakshmi Hindu
Aadishree Exalted dignity Hindu
Aadrika It means strong, immovable and sturdy Hindu
Aadya The Sanskrit girl name Aadya means 'excellent and the first or primeval'. Another meaning of the name is 'mother earth'. Hindu
Aadyasha It is a baby name that means the 'first' Hindu
Aafiya One who is a picture of perfect health. Muslim
Aafrin Appreciation Muslim
Aafsha the woman who is powerful and complete Muslim
Aaghaa The name Aaghaa means chief or leader Muslim
Aahana It means 'Morning Glory' Hindu
Aaila Beautiful,attractive and charming. Muslim
Aaima One who leads Muslim
Aairatha   Hindu
Aaisha Well living woman Muslim
Aakanksha Desire Hindu
Aakifah A lady who worships Allah in solitude Muslim
Aalia Exalted; highest social standing Muslim
Aaliah Sublime, High woman Muslim
Aalimah Woman scholar Muslim
Aaliya High; tall; towering; excellent Muslim
Aaliyah Moving up, Highest, Most exalted one Christian
Aalliyah An ascender ; one having the highest social standing Muslim
Aamaal Hopes; aspirations Muslim
Aamanda One who is much loved Christian
Aamani One who is peaceful / one with wishes and dreams Christian
Aamber Resembling the jewel ; a warm honey color Christian
Aamilah A woman doing good deeds Muslim
Aamina She Is Our Protector, Secured, Safe woman Muslim
Aaminah Peace and harmony Muslim
Aamira A princess ; one who commands Muslim
Aamirah A woman inhabiting in a place Muslim
Aamiya Nectar ; delight amlan unfading ; ever bright Christian
Aamori Good
Aana A woman graced with god Christian

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