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Name Religion Meaning
Zooni One who is creative
Zoraida Muslim Uncertain
Zornitsa Christian The first light of the day
Zoufishan Muslim One who is devoted and affectionate
Zoya Muslim Loving and caring
Zoysa Muslim One who is peculiar or unique
Zubaida Muslim Marigold
Zubaidah Muslim Excellent
Zubaria Muslim One who blossoms like a flower
Zubash Muslim A precious gem
Zubeida Muslim One who is the best and sofy-bodied
Zubi Muslim An affectionate and intellectual being
Zudora Muslim A laborer ; hardworking woman
Zue Hindu One who is charming and lovely
Zueinah Muslim  
Zuha Muslim Morning star
Zuhaira Muslim One who is fearless
Zuhairah Muslim One who is bright-faced like an angel
Zuhera Muslim Bright-faced like an angel
Zuhra Muslim The first three nights of the lunar month,
Zuleika Muslim Brilliant
Zulema Muslim Peace
Zuleyka Muslim Beautiful
Zulfa Muslim One who is beloved
Zumzum Muslim The purest water in heaven
Zuna Christian One who has great wealth; blessed being
Zunaira Muslim  
Zurafa Muslim One who is graceful
Zuriel Christian God is my rock
Zuzka Christian One who blossoms and shines brightly
Zvjezdana Christian The shining light
Zya Muslim One who emanates light ; splendor
Zyah Muslim One who emanates light ; splendor
Zykaraya Muslim A stylish and elegant being
Zyva Muslim Bright-faced like an angel
Zyvana Hindu Name Of Goddess
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