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Name Gender Meaning
Aabha Girl It means ray of light
Aabheer Boy A cow herd
Aachal Girl It is name that means steady or immovable
Aadarsh Boy It is a variant of Adarsh and means 'ideal' or 'perfect'
Aadarshini Girl It means honour or prestige
Aadav Boy It is a Hindu name that implies the sun
Aadavan Boy In Sanskrit, it means 'the sun'. It is also the name of Vishnu
Aadesh Boy It is a hindi word meaning instruction or guideline
Aadhan Boy Be first
Aadharsha Girl It is a hindi word meaning pride, honour
Aadhik Boy The greater
Aadhikesav Boy It is used to imply Lord Vishnu
Aadhinath Boy It means '˜first'
Aadhira Boy Moon
Aadhira Girl It means swift or quick
Aadhith Boy It means 'first'
Aadhriti Girl Stalwart
Aadhunik Boy It means new or latest
Aadhvitha Girl Unique, one of a kind
Aadhya Girl It means 'first'
Aadi Boy In Sanskrit,the name means 'the beginning' ,'the first' or most important
Aadidev Boy The first god
Aadilakshmi Girl It is used to imply Goddess Lakshmi
Aadimoolan Boy Being Extreme, Dominant or supreme
Aadinadh Boy It is used to imply Lord Vishnu
Aadinath Boy The first god
Aadinathan Boy The one who serves the first creator
Aadipta Boy Sanskrit meaning Blazing up, Set on fire, splendid, brilliant etc...
Aadir Boy Origin, beginning
Aadish Boy It means wise or intellgent
Aadishree Girl It means 'first girl'
Aadit Boy In Sanskrit, it means 'peak' 'first', 'lord of the Sun'
Aaditey Boy Relating to God of sun, Son of Aditi; Crown flower plant
Aaditeya Boy Son of aditi
Aaditya Boy It is a baby name that means the 'sun'
Aadrika Girl It means strong, immovable and sturdy
Aadvay Boy Aadvay means unique or one of a kind
Aadvik Boy In Sanskrit, it means ‘Unique’, ‘Unusual’ or ‘Different’
Aadya Girl The Sanskrit girl name Aadya means 'excellent and the first or primeval'. Another meaning of the name is 'mother earth'.
Aadyasha Girl It is a baby name that means the 'first'
Aafreen Girl Encouragement
Aagam Boy Coming, arrival
Aaghosh Boy Aaghosh means to embrace
Aagney Boy Son of fire
Aagneya Boy Son of the fire
Aahan Boy In Sanskrit, it means 'sunrise or dawn', 'first ray of light'.
Aahana Girl It means 'Morning Glory'
Aahish Boy Blessing of God
Aahlaad Boy Delight
Aahva Boy Beloved
Aahvan Boy Call out to someone
Aakaar Boy Shape
Aakaash Boy Sky
Aakanksha Girl Desire
Aakar Boy Shape
Aakarshan Boy Attraction
Aakash Boy Upper Sky
Aalap Boy Prelude to a raga
Aalap Boy It means prelude of a musical piece
Aalok Boy In Sanskrit, it means 'enlightenment or light of divinity'.
Aamil Boy One who is invaluable
Aamod Boy Pleasure
Aanan Boy Aanan means appearance of a person
Aanand Boy Joy
Aanandhi Girl Always happy
Aanandswarup Boy Full of joy
Aananthan Boy a boy who is happy and shares happiness with all
Aanav Boy The name means 'humane', 'generous' in Sanskrit.
Aanchal Girl A girl who gives shelter and protection to the needy
Aandaleeb Boy The bulbul bird
Aanjaneya Boy Son of anjani
Aanjay Boy Unconquerable or one who cannot be defeated
Aapt Boy Trustworthy
Aaraadhak Boy Worshipper
Aaradhya Girl Worshipped, Blessing of Lord Ganesh
Aaranyan Boy Lush like a forest
Aarathi Girl she who praises the Lord very humbly
Aarav Boy Aarav comes from a Sanskrit word meaning 'peaceful and calm'. In Hindi, the name means 'high regard'.
Aardik Boy the person who is affectionate to his fellowmen
Aarhant Boy Protector from enemies
Aarin Boy In Hebrew, it means 'mountain strength'.
Aarit Boy The name of Sanskrit origin means 'one who seeks the right direction', 'beloved', 'friend', 'honored'.
Aariv Boy The name means 'wise, full of wisdom'.
Aarna Girl Another beautiful name of Indian Goddess Lakshmi
Aarnav Boy One who comes from the sea
Aarodeep Boy  
Aaroha Boy It is a Hindu name that means, 'ever rising'
Aaromal Boy  
Aarpit Boy To donate
Aarsh Boy  
Aarshabh Boy Another name of Lord Sri Krishna
Aarth Boy Meaning
Aarthi Girl  
Aarti Girl  
Aarul Boy The name means 'blessed person', 'grace of God' and 'brilliant'.
Aarunya Girl Hindu name that means rays of the sun
Aarush Boy First winter sun’s rays
Aarushi Girl First ray of the sun
Aarya Unisex One who is noble and honored
Aaryah Girl One who is noble and honored
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