258 Hindu names starting with the alphabet "H". Names of Hindu origin and baby names shortlisted from Hindu holy books which starts with H.

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Name Gender Meaning
Haan Unisex It means the rooster
Haara Girl Blessed by a Goddess
Haarikrishnna Boy Born by the Grace of God
Haarsh Boy Symbol of happiness
Haarsheen Girl Joyful girl
Haashni Girl Beautiful little girl
Haima Girl An avatar of Goddess Parvati
Haimavathi Girl Another version of Haima which means wife of Lord Shiva- Parvati
Haimavati Girl Parvati , lord shiva's wife
Haina Girl Good natured person
Haipriya Boy One loved by Lord Vishnu
Haiswaryia Girl A modern version of Aiswarya which means wealth
Haiymwati Girl A girl of golden character which means pure
Hajay Boy An invincible person, another version of Ajay
Haji Boy Born during the hajj
Hakesh Boy Lord of sound
Haldar Boy The man who can hold the plow
Hamant Boy Winter or coolness
Hamatha Boy It means a mighty and strong fortress
Hamendra Boy A determined, courageous person
Hamlata Girl A pure person by heart
Hamsa Boy Swan
Hamsaveni Girl  
Hamsini Girl  
Hanamanth Boy Smart and loving person
Hanika Girl Dainty like a swan
Hanima Girl A wave
Hanish Boy One who warns you from dangers
Hanisha Girl  
Hanishka Girl  
Hanita Girl Divine Grace
Hanithra Girl It means a beautiful night
Hansa Girl Swan
Hansamala Girl A line or row of swans
Hansanandini Girl Daughter of a swan
Hansaraj Boy King of a swan
Hansaveni Girl Another name for saraswathi
Hansen Girl Peaceful like a swan
Hanshal Boy Swan like
Hanshi Girl Beautiful swan
Hansika Girl Beautiful lady;Swan
Hansin Boy The universal soul
Hansini Girl Swan, very pretty lady
Hansraaj Boy King of swans
Hanuman Boy Monkey god
Hanumant Boy The monkey god
Har Boy Name of shiva
Hara Boy The remover of sins
Haraksa Boy One who worships Lord Shiva
Haranadh Boy A devotee of Lord Vishnu
Harani Girl  
Harapriya Girl  
Hardhik Boy The affectionate one
Hardik Boy Heartfelt
Hare Krishna Boy A devotee of Lord Krishna
Hareendra Boy Lord shiva
Hareesh Boy  
Harekrishna Boy Lord krishna
Harendra Boy Lord shiva
Haresh Boy Lord krishna
Hareshwar Boy The name is a combination of the Gods Vishnu and Shiva
Hari Boy Om saluting brahma, vishnu, shiva
Hariaksa Boy Lord shiva
Haribabu Boy  
Haricharan Boy Feet of the lord
Haridas Boy Servant of Lord Krishna
Haridev Boy He who values the love of God
Hariganga Girl Ganga of vishnu
Harigopal Boy Lord krishna
Harihar Boy Shiva and vishnu together
Hariharan Boy Born of Hari (Lord Vishnu) and Hara (Lord Shiva)
Harij Boy The horizon
Harijatha Girl Fair haired
Harika Girl A superior woman
Harikanth Boy Dear to indra
Harikrishna Boy  
Harikrishnan Boy  
Harilal Boy Son of hari
Harimanti Girl Born during the spring
Harina Girl  
Harinaksh Boy Lord shiva
Harinakshi Girl One with deer like eyes
Harinarayan Boy Lord vishnu
Harinath Boy  
Harindra Boy A tree
Harindranath Boy Lord of hari
Harini Girl The Sanskrit Name Harini literally means 'angel or apostle'.
Hariom Boy Lord vishnu
Hariprasad Boy Blessed by lord krishna
Haripreet Boy Beloved of gods
Haripriya Girl Liked by hari ( goddess lakshmi, radha)
Hariraj Boy King of lions
Hariram Boy Lord rama
Harisankar Boy  
Harisankara Boy  
Harish Boy Lord shiva; lord krishna
Harishankar Boy Lord shiva
Harishchandra Boy King of surya dynasty
Harishita Girl Pleased,happy
Harit Boy Green
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