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Name Gender Meaning
Aaryana Girl One who is noble and honored
Aaryanna Girl One who is noble and honored
Aashadhar Boy A hopeful person
Aashank Boy  
Aashay Boy  
Aashi Girl  
Aashirya Girl From The Land Of God
Aashish Boy Blessing
Aashman Boy Son of the sun
Aashna Girl Beloved ; Cherished
Aashutosh Boy Who is easily pleased
Aastha Girl The name Aastha means 'belief or hope' in Sanskrit.
Aastik Boy Who has faith in god
Aathira Girl  
Aatish Boy Explosive,a dynamic person
Aatmaj Boy Son
Aatreya Boy Name of a sage
Aayan Boy Belonging to the solstice; also means 'coming' or 'approaching'
Aayu Boy Span of life
Aayush Boy  
Aayushi Boy  
Aayushmaan Boy With long life
Abadhya Boy Always victorious; unopposed
Abeesh Boy Wanted, desired
Abeesht Boy Desired; Wish (wished for); Dear 
Aben Boy Aben
Abha Girl Shine
Abhaiveer Boy The one who is brave an courageoous
Abhanja Boy One who has excellent speaking skills
Abhas Boy Brilliant, magnificent, shining
Abhat Boy Splendor; bright; hue; reflection
Abhati Girl Splendour , light
Abhay Boy Fearless,Courageous, a son of dharma
Abhaya Girl Fearless, goddess durga
Abhayan Boy A person who is valiant
Abhayananda Boy Delighting in fearless
Abhayaprada Boy Bestower of safety , another name for vishnu
Abhayd Boy Fearless and brave
Abhayd Girl Fearless and brave
Abhaysimha Boy One who is as brave as a lion
Abheek Boy Fearless
Abhey Boy Abhey means fearless or brave
Abhi Boy Fearless
Abhibhava Boy Overpowering , powerful , victorious
Abhicandra Boy With a moon like face , one of the seven manus of the svetambara jain sect
Abhidha Girl Literal meaning
Abhidhya Girl Wish , longing
Abhidi Boy Radiant
Abhigita Girl A happy go lucky girl
Abhigna Girl  
Abhigyaan Boy One who is very wise and full of wisdom
Abhihita Boy Expression , word , name
Abhijaat Boy Well born
Abhijat Boy Noble , wise
Abhijay Boy Victorious
Abhijaya Boy Conquest , complete victory
Abhijeet Boy Variation: abhijit
Abhiji Boy The person who is victorious and undefeated
Abhijit Boy Victorious, The one who overcomes completely
Abhijith Boy One who is victorious; 8th Muhurat of the day;
Abhijun Boy Expert, skilled
Abhijvala Boy Blazing forth
Abhik Boy The name comes from Sanskrit meaning 'fearless'.
Abhikama Boy Compassion; desire
Abhikansh Boy Desire, wish, longing
Abhilasa Girl Desire , wish
Abhilash Boy Desire
Abhilasha Girl Ambition, desire
Abhim Boy Another name of Lord Vishnu; conqueror of fear
Abhimand Boy Gladdening
Abhimani Boy Full of pride , another name for agni as the eldest son of brahma
Abhimanyu Boy Son of arjuna
Abhimanyusuta Boy Son or abhimanyu
Abhimoda Boy Joy , delight
Abhin Boy Different
Abhinabhas Boy Renowned , famous
Abhinand Boy To congratulate or appreciate
Abhinanda Boy To rejoice , to celebrate , to praise , to bless , delight
Abhinandan Boy Congratulation
Abhinandana Boy Felicitous , delighting , welcoming
Abhinatha Boy Lord of desires , another name for kama
Abhinav Boy Novel; young; fresh
Abhinava Boy New , young , fresh , modern , a sakta notable for his great leaning and spiritual attainment
Abhinavin Boy New; innovation
Abhinay Boy Expression
Abhinaya Girl Expression in an act
Abhineet Boy Perfect
Abhinit Boy Acted
Abhinithi Girl That which is already been performed , friendship
Abhinivesh Boy Desire
Abhiprithi Girl Full of love
Abhir Boy  
Abhiraam Boy Pleasing
Abhiraj Boy Fearless king
Abhiraksh Boy The one who safeguards
Abhirakshit Boy The one who is protected
Abhiram Boy The Lord Shiva; joyous; beautiful
Abhirami Girl  
Abhirath Boy Great charioteer
Abhirathi Girl Pleasure
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