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Name Meaning Gender Religion Shortlist
A'dab Hope and need Girl Muslim
A'idah Visiting, returning; reward Girl Muslim
A'li Exaulted, noble, highest social standing Girl Muslim
A'mal Hopes, aspirations Girl Muslim
Aaarti Worship with lamps Girl Hindu
Aaban Name of the angel Boy Muslim
Aabel It means 'breath' and signifies the breath of God Boy Christian
Aabha One who shines Boy Hindu
Aabharan One who is treasured, Jewel Boy Hindu
Aabheer One who herds cattle Boy Hindu
Aabid Loyal Boy Muslim
Aabidah Worshipper Girl Muslim
Aabirah Passer by, Fragrant Girl Muslim
Aachal It is name that means steady or immovable Girl Hindu
Aacharya   Boy Hindu
Aadab Hope and need Girl Muslim
Aadal Azhagi   Girl Hindu
Aadam Name of the well known first Prophet of Almighty Allah and first human being sent to the earth, Earth Boy Muslim
Aadan Of the earth Boy Christian
Aadarsh One who has principles Boy Hindu
Aadarshini It means honour or prestige Girl Hindu
Aadav It is a Hindu name that implies the sun Boy Hindu
Aadavan In Sanskrit, it means 'the sun'. It is also the name of Vishnu Boy Hindu
Aadeel It means 'just' or 'upright' Boy Muslim
Aaden One who is fiery ; little fire Unisex Christian
Aadesh A message or command, To make a statement Boy Hindu
Aadhan Be first Boy Hindu
Aadharsha It is a hindi word meaning pride, honour Girl Hindu
Aadhavan   Boy Christian
Aadhesh It means a 'command' or an 'order' Boy Hindu,
Aadhik The greater Boy Hindu
Aadhikesav It is used to imply Lord Vishnu Boy Hindu
Aadhil A person who is virtuous with excellent character. Aadhil also means one whose actions are just and fair. Boy Muslim
Aadhinath It means '˜first' Boy Hindu
Aadhira Moon Boy Hindu
Aadhiran   Boy Hindu
Aadhith It means 'first' Boy Hindu
Aadhriti Stalwart Girl Hindu
Aadhunik It means new or latest Boy Hindu
Aadhvitha Unique, one of a kind Girl Hindu
Aadhya It means 'first' Girl Hindu
Aadi Beginning, First, Most important Boy Hindu
Aadidev The first god Boy Hindu
Aadil Justice Boy Muslim
Aadila One who is righteous and high in moral Girl Muslim
Aadilakshmi It is used to imply Goddess Lakshmi Girl Hindu
Aadimoolan Being Extreme, Dominant or supreme Boy Hindu
Aadinadh It is used to imply Lord Vishnu Boy Hindu
Aadinath The first god Boy Hindu
Aadinathan The one who serves the first creator Boy Hindu