A new baby is such a joy. They are a perfect image of the majesty and faithfulness of Allah.

Browse through our 1713 muslim boy and 1269 girl names from the Quran to choose your little one's perfect name. Our updated A-Z muslim baby names collection is given below.

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Name Gender Meaning
A'dab Girl Hope and need
A'idah Girl Visiting, returning; reward
A'li Girl Exaulted, noble, highest social standing
A'mal Girl Hopes, aspirations
Aaban Boy Name of the angel
Aabid Boy One who is a true worshipper of Allah
Aabidah Girl The meaning of the name Aabidah is Worshipper of Allah.
Aadab Girl Hope and need
Aadeel Boy It means 'just' or 'upright'
Aadhil Boy A person who is virtuous with excellent character. Aadhil also means one whose actions are just and fair.
Aadil Boy Justice
Aadila Girl One who is righteous and high in moral
Aadroop Boy Aadroop means embodiment of the Sun
Aafiya Girl One who is a picture of perfect health.
Aafsha Girl the woman who is powerful and complete
Aaftab Boy It is used to mean the brilliance of the Sun
Aaghaa Girl The name Aaghaa means chief or leader
Aaila Girl Beautiful,attractive and charming.
Aaima Girl One who leads
Aaisha Girl Lively ; womanly
Aakifah Girl One who is completely dedicated to Allah
Aalia Girl Exalted; highest social standing
Aalim Boy a man of wise learning
Aaliya Girl High; tall; towering; excellent
Aalliyah Girl An ascender ; one having the highest social standing
Aamaal Girl Hopes; aspirations
Aaman Boy The man who protects with no fear
Aaminah Girl Peace and harmony
Aamir Boy Populous, full, prosperous
Aamira Girl A princess ; one who commands
Aamirah Girl A princess ; one who commands
Aanisah Girl Good natured one
Aaqil Boy A wise and intelligent person
Aaqil Boy One who is wise and intelligent
Aarif Boy Acquainted, knowledgable
Aaris Boy The brave character who stands up for his faith and belief
Aariz Boy Respectable man,intelligent
Aashif Boy  
Aasim Boy Protector
Aasma Girl The Arabic origin name means 'precious''sky''excellent'.
Aasmaa Girl Excellent; precious
Aatikah Girl Generous
Abaan Boy Name of eighth month of Persian calendar; Clear, eloquent
Aban Boy 8th month of Persian calendar; Clear, eloquent
Abbas Boy Description of a lion
Abbu Boy  
Abbud Boy Worshipper
Abbudin Boy Worshippers
Abdalla Boy A servant of god
Abdallah Boy A servant of god
Abdalrahman Boy Servant of the merciful one
Abdar Boy Glittering with water; wealthy
Abdel Boy Servant (of allah)
Abdellah Boy A servant of god
Abdu Lrazzad Boy He who obeys his provider
Abdu- Rashid Boy The one who serves his teacher
Abdul Boy Servant of God
Abdul Adil Boy Servant of 'The One' who acts justly; Servant of 'the One' who is fair, honest and just
Abdul Hakeem Boy A servant of Allah who helps  people and is a pious servant of God.
Abdul Haqq Boy One who serves the truth
Abdul Majeed Boy A gracious servant of Allah
Abdul Matin Boy A devotee who serves the most powerful and strong Allah
Abdul Muhaymin Boy It is an Islamic name that means slave of Allah
Abdul Muqaddem Boy It is  one of the names of Allah's and Abdul Muqaddem implies slave of the Almighty Allah
Abdul Muqtadir Boy A person who assists a powerful and strong person
Abdul Musawwir Boy Musawwir stands for Servant of the most powerful Allah
Abdul Mutaali Boy A gracious servant of Allah
Abdul Muzanni Boy Name of the narrator of Hadith
Abdul Nasser Boy He is known to be the Servant Of The Victorious One
Abdul Qawi Boy A strong devotee of the Mighty Islam
Abdul Rasheed Boy Servant of the one who correctly guide
Abdul Rashid Boy Slave of the all right-minded personality
Abdul Salaam Boy A great personality who helps the peaceful and calm one
Abdul Samee Boy He who voice can be heard by the God
Abdul Sattar Boy He who serves the protector of man
Abdul Tawaab Boy He who serves the forgiving God
Abdul Wadud Boy A loving servant of his God
Abdul Wahhab Boy One who serves master well and sincerely
Abdul Wakil Boy It means an act of serving God
Abdul Wali Boy The servant or slave of the comrade
Abdul Wasee Boy A servant who understands and does work in a comprehensive manner
Abdul-adheem Boy One who serves the Greatest Power
Abdul-Alim Boy Servant of the omniscient
Abdul-Aliyy Boy Servant of the most high
Abdul-Azeez Boy Servant of the mighty,the powerful
Abdul-Azim Boy Servant of the mighty
Abdul-Aziz Boy Servant of the powerful one
Abdul-baaqi Boy Servant of the everlasting God
Abdul-Baari Boy Servant of the creator
Abdul-Bari Boy Servant of the creator
Abdul-Basit Boy Servant of the extender
Abdul-Fattah Boy Servant of the opener (of the gates of sustenance)
Abdul-Ghaffar Boy Servant of the forgiver
Abdul-Ghafoor Boy Servant of the forgiver
Abdul-Haafiz Boy Servant of the protector
Abdul-Hadi Boy Servant of the guide
Abdul-Hafiz Boy Servant of the protector
Abdul-Hakam Boy Servant of the arbitrator
Abdul-Hakim Boy Servant of the wise one
Abdul-Halim Boy Servant of the mild, patient one
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