Religion Muslim
Gender Boy
MeaningVictorious peace
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Names with similar meaning: Victorious peace

Parwez, Akshiti, Sigfreda, Shlomo, Shloimy, Sholom, Zalmina, Zelman, Pax, Paxton, Abdul-Nasser, Abhijay, Abhijit, Amarjeet, Digvijay

Numerology details of name Parwez

Numerology Number8
Destiny Number8
Inner Dream Number11
Soul Urge Number
(Heart's Desire or Motivation Number)
Personality Number11
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Astrology details of name Parwez

NakshatraUttara Phalguni (Te, To, Pa, Pi)
RasiVirgo / Kanya (To, Tau, Pa, Pha, Pi, Pee, Phi, Pu, Poo, Phu, Sha, Ana, Ane, Na, Th, Pe, Pay, Pha, Po, Pau, Pho)

Personality details of name Parwez

Ruling PlanetSaturn
Positive NatureHard Working and Patient
Negative TraitsGets agitated if dreams are not met
Lucky ColoursBlue and Grey
Lucky DaysWednesday and Friday
Lucky StonesBlue Sapphire
Harmony Numbers1, 5, 6, 3
Problematic Numbers8, 4
Health IssuesRheumatism can be a big problem
Best Suited ProfessionsGovernment officials
What people would generally like about you?A bit shy and maintains a few close friends and they commit to such friendship.
What people would generally dislike about you?Not very good at maintaining family life

Names Similar to Parwez

Paras, Parees, Brissa, Pariis, Preyasi, Priscilla, Paaras, Behrooz, Precilla, Pricilla

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