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May baby names

May is a month full of new beginnings, and what better way to start off the month than by giving your baby a fresh start with a unique name? If you're on the hunt for the perfect name for your little one, look no further than our list of May baby names. You're sure to find the perfect name for your May baby on our list.

Gorgeous May baby girl names

If you're looking for a May baby girl name, there are plenty of beautiful and unique options. We've compiled a list of popular May baby girl names to help you choose the perfect name for your little bundle of joy.

  1. 1. Akilah
    Intelligent, logical, one who reasons Arabic girl name meaning 'intelligent.'
  2. 2. Anemone
    Breath of fresh air
  3. 3. Dillan
    Loyal,Faithful Irish girl name meaning 'faithful.'
  4. 4. Ehawee
    Laughter American girl name meaning 'laughter' for your little bundle of joy.
  5. 5. Frodina
    intelligent friend Frodina is a girl name of German origin meaning 'intelligent friend.'
  6. 6. Gemini
    Twin This Greek name meaning ‘twin’ is an obvious choice for your baby girl born under the zodiac sign Gemini.
  7. 7. Herra
    Earth girl Is your baby girl a May Taurus? Then this Greek name meaning ‘earth’ will be an excellent choice as Taurus is an earth sign.
  8. 8. Jarmila
    Beautiful Spring Czech girl name meaning 'beautiful spring.'
  9. 9. Leya
    True blue In Spanish, Leya means 'loyal.' Jewish
  10. 10. Meara
    Happy girl Irish girl name meaning 'mirthful.' Christian
  11. 11. Megan
    Precious, Joyful, Little margaret Christian
  12. 12. Quincy
    Fifth, Patient French name meaning ‘fifth’ for your baby girl since May is the fifth month of the year. Jewish
  13. 13. Risa
    One who laughs often Latin girl name meaning 'laughter.'
  14. 14. Rita
    Precious pearl, Honest, Brave Short form of the Latin word Margarita meaning 'Pearl'; In Sanskrit, it means 'honest.' Christian,Jewish
  15. 15. Tomo
    Intelligence Japanese girl name meaning 'intelligent.' Jewish
  16. 16. Venus
    Loving, Goddess of love, Born of the Sea-Foam Christian,Jewish
  17. 17. Verda
    Breath of Spring, One who is young and fresh A Latin name meaning ‘breath of spring.’ Jewish
  18. 18. Zafirah
    Victorious,successful Arabic name meaning 'victorious.'
  19. 19. Zahara
    Flower, Shine Arabic name meaning ‘flower’ is absolute perfection for a baby born during the spring season. Jewish,Muslim
  20. 20. Zohra
    Blossom Muslim

Amazing May boy baby names

If you're on the hunt for a May baby boy name, you've come to the right place. Here you'll find 20 May baby boy names, along with their origin and meaning.

  1. 1. Akil
    Intelligent Arabic name meaning 'intelligent.'
  2. 2. Akira
    Intellectual, One who acts as an anchor Akira is a Japanese name meaning 'intelligence.'
  3. 3. Aksel
    Calm, Small oak tree Scandinavian name meaning 'calm.' Christian
  4. 4. Aviv
    Spring Since May is the month of spring, the Hebrew origin name Aviv which means ‘spring,’ would be a stellar choice for your baby boy. Jewish
  5. 5. Avshalom
    Father of Peace This is the Hebrew form of Absalom meaning 'father of peace.' Jewish
  6. 6. Azik
    Laughter Azik is a Hebrew name meaning 'laughter' which would be perfect for your little bundle of joy.
  7. 7. Basir
    On who looks at Turkish name meaning 'wise.' Muslim
  8. 8. Chung
    intelligent This is a Chinese name meaning 'intelligent.'
  9. 9. Damek
    Earth Taurus the star sign of May is an earth sign. This Czech name means ‘earth.’ Jewish
  10. 10. Damon
    Day, Dramatic, Spirited, Sprightly Greek name meaning 'loyal.' Christian,Jewish
  11. 11. David
    Beloved David is a Hebrew name meaning 'beloved.' A famous bearer of this name David Beckham celebrates his birthday on May 2. This classic boy name has found a spot in the top 40 boy names in the US for years. Christian
  12. 12. Dillon
    Devoted, Resembling a lion; A faithful man Dillon is an Irish name meaning 'loyal.'
  13. 13. Enrique
    Charismatic ruler Spanish origin name meaning 'charismatic ruler.' Famous namesake Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias was born on May 8. Christian
  14. 14. Fortunato
    Lucky French name meaning 'lucky.'
  15. 15. Hardwin
    Keeps hares, A courageous friend An English name meaning 'loyal friend.' Christian
  16. 16. Keb
    Earth This Egyptian name meaning 'earth' is short, sweet, and perfect for this earth sign.
  17. 17. Sharif
    Truthful, Mysterious, Noble, Eminent, Holy, Arabic name meaning 'honest.' Muslim
  18. 18. Tale
    Green, Open This African name meaning ‘green’ alludes to the color of the May birthstone, Emerald. Jewish
  19. 19. Thomas
    Twin, Lookalike If your baby boy is a May Gemini go for this Greek name meaning ‘twin.’ Christian,Jewish
  20. 20. Wadud
    Loving Arabic name meaning 'loving' as those born under the zodiac Taurus are known to be affectionate. Muslim

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