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Rare girl names for your special little one

Are you looking for a stunning name for your special little one? Do you want your baby to stand out from the crowd with a unique name? When it comes to baby names, there are a lot of choices out there. But what if you want something truly unique? If you're looking for a rare baby girl name, you've come to the right place. From the modern to the vintage, these rare baby girl names are sure to turn heads. So if you're looking for a name that will make your little girl stand out from the crowd, look no further. Your special little one deserves a moniker just as special as her.

  1. 1. Acacia
    Everlasting, Tree Greek origin name meaning 'immortality' or 'resurrection.' Christian
  2. 2. Alethea
    Truthful This name of ancient Greek origin means 'truth.'
  3. 3. Amaris
    Beloved, Dedicated Hebrew name meaning 'beloved' for your little one. Christian
  4. 4. Aretha
    Virtuous, Vocalist Derived from the Greek word 'arete' meaning 'excellence.' The American singer Aretha Franklin is a popular bearer of this name. Christian
  5. 5. Arlette
    Loyal This is a French name meaning 'loyal.' Arleta and Arletta are variants of this name. Christian
  6. 6. Ayleen
    Light Hearted Hebrew name meaning 'light-hearted.'
  7. 7. Azaria
    Helped by God This is a girl's name of Hebrew origin meaning 'helped by God.' Azaria was originally a boy name that is being increasingly used by Girls.
  8. 8. Azure
    Sky blue This name originates in Latin, Old French, and Spanish and means' sky blue.' This will be an apt moniker for a blue-eyed baby.
  9. 9. Blythe
    Happy, Carefree If you're looking for a name that represents happiness and joy, look no further than this name. Derived from the Old English word 'blithe' meaning 'joyous' this is perfect for your little bundle of joy. Jewish
  10. 10. Elga
    One who is blessed This is a name of Slavic origin, meaning 'one who is blessed.'
  11. 11. Elia
    God has answered Give your precious little one this Hebrew name, meaning 'my God has answered me.' This name is perfect for a baby girl who is the answer to her parents' prayers. Christian
  12. 12. Emberlynn
    Fresh Spring Water This name is a lovely combination of Ember And Lynn's popular names. Ember is an American name meaning temperamental, and Lynn is an English name meaning 'fresh as spring water.'
  13. 13. Flavia
    Light haired The origin of Flavia is 'Latin.' This name means 'blond.' Jewish
  14. 14. Freyja
    Noble Lady This is a Scandinavian name meaning noble lady
  15. 15. Frida
    Lovely Scandinavian name meaning 'lovely.' In German, Frida means 'peace.' Freda and Frieda are the variants of this name. Christian,Jewish
  16. 16. Guinevere
    Queen, White Welsh girl name meaning 'queen.'
  17. 17. Hebe
    A youthful woman This rare girl's name is of Greek origin, and it means 'youth.'
  18. 18. Jaylani
    Calm Or Serene English girl name meaning 'Calm or Serene.'
  19. 19. Kahlani
    Sea and Sky Kahlani is a Hawaiian girl name meaning 'sea and sky.'
  20. 20. Kamari
    Moon This lovely name means 'moon' in Arabic and is rarely used for girls. However, Kamari has shown an increase in popularity among boys.
  21. 21. Kamilah
    Desires, Perfect Arabic name meaning 'perfect.' Muslim
  22. 22. Keyla
    Sweet This name is a variant of the Arabic name Kayla meaning 'sweet.' Muslim
  23. 23. Landry
    Leader, Entrepreneur American name meaning 'leader.' Christian
  24. 24. Luisa
    Smiling A Spanish name meaning 'smiling.' Christian,Jewish
  25. 25. Nyra
    Saraswathi Sanskrit girl name meaning 'beauty of Saraswati.'
  26. 26. Raya
    My friend, Friends This Hebrew origin name means 'friend.' Jewish
  27. 27. Salma
    South wind, Beautiful woman, Peaceful, Ingenious, Safe Hebrew name meaning 'peaceful.' This name is perfect for a baby who is calm and serene. Salome, Selma, Salomi, Selima are some variants of Salma. Muslim
  28. 28. Soleil
    Sun French girl name meaning 'sun' for your bright baby.
  29. 29. Soraya
    Star Cluster, Royal Arabic girl name meaning 'star cluster.'
  30. 30. Viva
    Lively, Alive A Greek name meaning 'lively.'
  31. 31. Zainab
    Brave, Ornament, Wife of Prophet Mohammad Arabic name meaning 'brave.' Muslim
  32. 32. Zarena
    Dawn This is a beautiful Hebrew name meaning' dawn.' Jewish
  33. 33. Zayla
    Night or Dark Beauty Zayla is a beautiful girl name of Arabic origin, meaning 'night' or 'dark beauty.'
  34. 34. Zendaya
    To give thanks This is an African name meaning 'to give thanks.' Popular namesake includes Zendaya Maree, the Hollywood actress.
  35. 35. Zola
    Earthy French name meaning 'earthy.'

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