The fact is that it is not necessary to keep track of your kids calorie intake as long as they are healthy and physically fit. This calorie calculator for kids is created with the intention of helping parents (and kids) understand the calorie requirement for children of different age, weight and height. Know how to keep your child's body weight under control by healthy calorie intake. Also get healthy diet recommendations to ensure that your kids remain healthy.

Intake of excess calories once in a while do not lead to obesity or any weight problem. Similarly, only regular exercise will help keep your kid's body weight under control.

Kids Healthy Diet Calculator

Calories for Kids & Different Food Group Suggestions

This calculator helps you find two kids about your kids diet:

  1. What's your kids daily calorie requirement
  2. Food groups to eat for healthy balanced diet

Your child's energy or calorie requirement is based on his/her age and level of physical activity. The diet for kids should be based on his/her physical activity level and energy needs and it should be healthy and balanced. Get diet recommendation for kids and know about the quantity of various food groups to be included in a healthy diet.

Diet plan for kids with amount of fruits, grains, milk, vegetables, oil, meat and beans to be included.

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