Children are our biggest possessions that is gifted by God. They are not born as free flying birds, but rather we need to train them how to live, behave and interact in this competitive and fast moving world. Since they are innocent and tend to adopt lives, lifestyles, mannerisms, preferences and attitudes from the world that surrounds them- we need to keep a watch on them and guide them.

The question is how do we do that job? Will we be able to fulfil our responsibilities in the most justified manner? Can we as parents or rather adults, understand what the child needs, understand the inherent capabilities of the children and also communicate the needed advice in the right way and manner to the child?

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Parenting is not just a chore that can be undertaken on a daily basis. They are a mirror image of you and will represent whatever you or the society has taught or influenced them. So, We need to do it right and consider it as a life long investment.

Heard about fathers suffering from postpartum depression?A study recently showed that children learn faster through actions. So, you need to remember that a lot of talk and advice will generally put off children at any age. So, a better option is that, show them good ways of behaving and talking amongst the family members.

During the first few years, the child will be just observing you and responding just the way you do. They start adopting and depicting a certain type of character during their teenage and older years only.

As a parent or a grandparent, you need to be patient and customize your tactics accordingly. Never be too strict, and never be too lenient. Maintain a balance of communication and you and your family will be a happy one in years to come.

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