Many parents complain that their children watch too much TV. They are very much dependent on the television box as they watch television whenever they are awake and they spend most of their time watching television. A good number of parents encourage the habit of watching TV as they feel that while watching television kids may stay away from pranks.

But, is it a habit that adversely affects the kids? The answer is an emphatic 'yes' and behavior experts say that watching too much TV will damage the creativity, proportional growth of intelligence and several other physical skills of children. Spending too much time before the television may make kids over fat, less intelligent, less smart and less creative. Let us see the most highlighted disadvantages of watching too much television and also the ways of controlling this habit in children.

Physical disadvantages of watching TV

There are several physical issues that can sprout out as a result of too much watching TV. Childhood is the age of developing strong and well shaped body organs. Only when kids walk and engage in physical exercises they can gain a healthy body. A child who sits before the television for long hours may lack the necessary physical activities and will become less immune and prone to diseases.

Concentrating on the TV screen for hours every day may damage the eyesight in kids and they may soon complain of headaches or similar health issues. Most of the children addicted with the habit of watching too much TV are overweighed. Remaining in the same sitting position several hours a day may obstruct the bodily processes of burning calories to prevent unwanted fat deposits.

Mental disadvantages of watching too much TV

The physical issues of watching too much television is ignorable when the mental damage a child may face from this destructive habit is concerned. First of all it makes an addiction. Many children are found to be addicted to watching TV. They will lose interest in all other activities of life when they get addicted to watching TV. Kids who watch too much TV are diagnosed with lesser intelligent levels compared with other children. Intelligence is the result of observing, thinking and understanding.

Just like all other body organs, brain can also develop only when proper exercise is given to it. Thinking is the most important exercise that can help brain to grow full-fledged. Watching TV doesn't require high level thinking as sequence by sequence the visuals communicate everything in a TV. There is very less that tickles the curiosity of the child in a TV. It is like spoon feeding.

Ways of helping kids with watching TV

If taken a little care, parents can very well control the children's habit of watching too much TV. Never consider television as an equipment to keep kids away when you are busy with something. Experts suggest that making television a family activity may help kid's watching less TV. Switch on the TV only at designated timings. Television is just one of the sources of entertainment, thus finding other creative activities for children may divert their interest from the television box.

While watching television with children, keep talking to them at least while commercials. Limiting the hours of watching TV will help eliminating the addictions. Buy them toys and teach them multiple games to play when they don't watch TV. Even when you switch on the TV for kids, make sure that they watch only the appropriate programs for kids. Teach children to think critically and creatively when watching TV. Tell them unrealistic aspects of most of the entertainment programs. This will help them not taking cartoons or similar programs seriously.

Ask them questions about a program they just watched and also pass comments while watching a particular program. This will develop a critical mind in children. Inspirational programs are great for children. Select television programs that will influence children with great social values and moral principles. Educational programs are also suggested for children. But, how good be the program, watching TV is to be limited to few hours for the better physical development and mental growth of children.


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