Kids, particularly infants spend most of their time sleeping. Parents should take extra concern in making babies sleep well and sufficiently. Though they require essential physical activities, sleeping is equally important and parents need to encourage the babies to sleep and need to create the right atmosphere for them to sleep well.

Many children are diagnosed with sleeping problems and many a times the sleep problem arises because of the lack of care of parents to make the baby sleep well. Sleeping is not just an activity to get enough rest but it affects dawdling, temper tantrums, hyperactivity, growth, health etc. Thus proper sleep is essential for kids. There are certain advisable practices which parents can follow to put babies into sleep.

Parental Tips for baby's sleep

  1. Consistent timing

    Though, newborns and toddlers sleep most of their time, kids of the age of two or above need to be trained well on sleeping practice. Experts suggest that maintaining a consistent bed time will infuse the habit of proper sleep in children. Insist them to go to bed at a designated time and wake them up at fixed time. Early bed times will be advisable for children as studies say that kids sleep well if they are sent to bed early.

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  2. Daily regular naps are beneficial
    Encouraging kids to take regular daily naps is helpful to make children get enough rest through sleeping. Almost all the kids are hyperactive in the childhood and they need breaks in between to make themselves healthy and comfortable.
    Daily naps will make them refreshed after it. Do not follow inconstant routine for day naps and night sleep. When putting the kids on a nap, assure the quality of it too. Do not let them sleep between all the disturbances like sounds from kitchen, television etc.
  3. Follow the biological clock of children
    Many parents commit the mistake of concerning all the children in the same when it comes to attention, care and other activities. The biological aspects of each child differs from that of others. Their body follows a particular rhythm and clock. This rhythm of life is generally called the biological clock.
    Parents should know the biological clock of each child and arrange life and routines according to that. A child may feel sleepy after one or two hours activities and another one may not feel sleepy so soon. Putting all the babies to sleep together will make one gets sound sleep and another one partial.
  4. Better sleeping environment is must
    Let your child sleep in the most encouraging environment to make them enjoy an undisturbed sleep. A cozy environment is what experts advise for children to sleep. Create a warm, comfortable and undisturbed atmosphere for kids to sleep.
    Select a warm enough and moisture-less room to arrange the bed for kids. Make the room lighted well and colored in light shades. There sounds from television or kitchen should not reach the room.
  5. The right nutrition is inevitable
    Children will sleep only when they are comfortable enough and also with a filled stomach. Proper nutrition is essential to make kids sleep well. Do not let your children sleep with an empty stomach. Give them at least a glass of milk before putting them on bed to sleep.
  6. Parental involvement in kid's sleep
    Parents can train children to relax well and sleep sound. There are several ways of encouraging children to get into sleep. You can read them stories or sing them a song. Do not just put them on the bed and leave the room. Be with the children until they sleep. Sleeping when the parents are nearby may make children sleep comfortably with a feeling of security.