Parenthood is a joy and excitement. It also opens newer responsibilities for both the father and mother. Expecting a child is the most anxious and beautiful period in marriage life. The arrival of a child changes the lifestyle and routine of every parent. Though there are huge changes and responsibilities involved, the joy of welcoming a new member into your family abate all the struggles incorporated with parenthood. Welcoming a child is not just like buying a new pet, though several couples consider so. Both the mother and father are to be mentally and physically prepare oneself before the child arrives into their lives. There are several aspects to be considered as a self preparation of welcoming a kid.

Communication is all that helps the parents to keep them ready for a child. The birth of a child should not be a biological accident or unwanted aftereffect of lovemaking. Couple, after considering all the aspect of life and recognizing their readiness to become parents, should take the decision of having a kid. If anyone of the couples feels he/she is not willing to have a child at the particular time, then better to put off. Child care and parenting is a collective activity in our society. Only with the mutual care of father and mother a child can grow healthy and mature, though exceptions can be found.


Once the decision is taken to have a child soon, now it is the time to know what parenthood is and how to care for your child. You can't just find yourself a parent on a fine day and then get confused of the ways of growing up your child. Better learn and know it before you really get into it. Either consult an expert for advice or utilize the parenting advice books. There are lots of parenting guides available in every typical book store and on internet. Depend on any of the available sources and be doubt-free and well equipped with all the necessary information about parenting. Many of the books will help you to prepare yourself to meet the upcoming challenges and tensions. You can also depend on an experienced parent for advice and learning.

You should always know that parenting is not just providing the child with necessary food and comforts; it is taking care of the physical and mental aspects of your child. A parent should know to read the child from the gestures, sounds and behavior. Especially in early childhood, children will communicate through gestures than words. Proper knowledge of child grooming includes basic psychological lessons. If a parent can influence the psychological elements of a child, then he/she can grow the child exactly in the way she/he wants. Many parents neglect the psychological developments of a child and give importance only to the physical growth and well being. In fact, the parents should understand the child's physical cum psychological creature.

From the very next moment of the birth of a child, couples have to convert themselves into parents and step into the shoes of responsible parents. Unlike all animals, human children are born so helpless and inefficient to perform the basic duties of life. Parents need to assist a child from a-to-z of his/her needs. This gives extra responsibilities to parents and demands a large share of their time and efforts. Precisely, parenting is not at all an easy task. Both father and mother have to learn the necessary babysitting skills. It is quite advisable to meet children and learn their behavior styles as you wait for your baby to come. Parenting requires sacrifice. One has to be ready to dedicate his/her time, energy and mind for the baby, if you wish to have a healthy child.

Self learn to manage your stress and tensions; this will help you to manage your child's distress too. Patience is an inevitable virtue in child care. Living closely with children as a preparation to welcome your child will help the parents to meet the tensions of parenting with a positive mind. There should be sound understanding between the father and mother to effectively groom the kids. Matured and well behaving parents will have mature kids indeed.

Becoming a parent is taking up an all new role in life. The child birth opens before the parents a new dimension and experience of love. A new self esteem and feeling of accomplishment is gained through the parenthood. If well approached parenthood is a joy; same way, unprepared parenthood will be disastrous to both parents and children.