With the Bay of Bengal on the east and Arabian sea on the west, India is truely a scenic beauty owing to her beautiful coastline and beaches. The map showing beaches in India is a complete guide for tourists who wish to enjoy the sea and the hot basking in the sun. Find below a map that shows various beaches in India and has become a rising hot spot destinations for every occassions:

India Beaches map


Some of the must visit beaches of India are:

Some of the commonly visited beaches in India are:

  • Marina Beach in Chennai
  • Varkala Beach in Kerala
  • Anjuna Beach in Goa
  • Juhu Beach in Mumbai
  • Somnath Beach in Gujrat
  • Cherai Beach in Cochin, Kerala
  • Gokarna Beach in Karnataka
  • Mamallapuram Beach in Tamil Nadu
  • Kovalam Beach in Trivandrum, Kerala
  • Sanguthurai Beach in Kanyakumari