Here is an India Tourist Map for tourists. This Tourism Map of India shows all the major India Tourist Places and tourism destinations in India. A map with tourist destinations will serve as a guide if you're planning a trip to India. This Map shows the location of tourist places in India along with their names and the tourism attraction of such places.

India Tourism Map - India's Tourist Places

India Tourist Map, Tourist Places in India

India Tourist Map is your online guide while planning a trip to India. If you are planning to visit India and you're not sure about the tourist places in India, this India Map with tourist destinations will help you. India map showing the location of all the tourist hotspots in India along with its tourism attraction. Free printable India Tourist Map for download.

India Road Information - Some Basic facts about th Indian Road Network

India has the third largest road network in the world. The density of India's highway network is higher than that of the United States. Given below are some interesting facts about India Roads.

Total length of Roads in India 3.314 million kilometers
Total Length of National Highways in India 66,754 Kms
Length of India's State Highways 128,000
Longest National Highway in India NH 7 ( 2369 kms)
Density of highway network 0.66 km per sqkm of land
Total Length of Express Highways in India - 562 Kms

India is one of the most sought after tourist destinations in the world today. Tourists from all over the world visit India to enjoy and experience the surprises India has to offer. From the snow clad mountains in the north to the sun drenched beaches in the south, India is a land of beauty. Beaches, Hill stations, wildlife safari, historical monuments, pilgrim centers, rejuvenating ayurveda treatment etc... are some of the major attractions of India Tourism. Tourist Places in India are spread across the length and breadth of the country. A trip to India will surely be a Vacation of a life time.