Movie: Is She Raju

Rating : 2 / 5 | By : IANS

Language: Hindi

Cast: Ansh Gupta, Aditi Bhagat, Yashpal Saini & Saurabh Sharma... View full

Director: Rahul Kumar Shukla

Bollywood is packed with biopics, patriotic dramas and sci-fi extravaganza, but "Is She Raju?" is a fresh, unique, quirky and relatable comic-caper spun around small town boys and girls who come to metros.

Debutante filmmaker Shukla has gone all out with his ode to love, friendship and relationship in the film, which is bankrolled by Anju Dhingra.

The story revolves around a group of friends and the most embarrassing and regretful moments of their lives which are mostly related to love, sex, relationship, money and of course the fast lane life of a metro.

An urban romantic comedy with 'desi tadka' and humour, it is refreshing to watch.

Two lovers, three haters, one helpless husband, and a crazy twist - it is all about experiencing those embarrassing moments in life at a young age and looking back only to laugh at them.

The film is set in a big city but the characters come from a small town. The film is based on situations like aspiring individuals moving to a big city and the experiences they go through.

Since it is the filmmaker's debut movie, the film dips at certain points but on the whole, it is worth the time and money.

The filmmaker does manage to tickle your funny bone. With some double meaning dialogues which is very natural to the youth nowadays, the film manages to entertain as a whole.