New Delhi: Delhi Deputy Chief Minister and AAP leader Manish Sisodia addresses a press conference, in New Delhi on Jan 24, 2020. . Image Source: IANS News

New Delhi, Jan 24 : Slamming former BJP President Amit Shah for telling "blatant lies" about the city, Aam Aadmi Party leader Manish Sisodia said on Friday that the Union Home Minister was lying as none of the seven BJP MPs in Delhi have done anything for the national capital.

Speaking to the media, Deputy Chief Minister Sisodia said that in 2014, the people of Delhi voted for 7 BJP MPs and it was repeated in 2019.

"Had these 7 MPs or the Central government had done any work for the people on the ground, they wouldn't have to resort to 'jumlas', or be confused about issues to attack the Arvind Kejriwal government," Sisodia said, asking BJP leaders to raise real issues.

Sisodia said on Thursday, Shah made some statements during his rally in Delhi. He appreciated that Shah was talking about the work being done in Delhi.

"We had said that we entered politics to transform it and Shah himself provides ample proof of the manner in which we have changed the narrative," said Sisodia.

He added that Shah, when referring to Delhi, also had to speak about the real issues and the works done.

Sisodia said that Shah had to finally admit on Thursday that 'some' cameras have been installed.

"Even though he only acknowledged that 'some' cameras have been installed, at least he accepted that work has happened. Since he is the Union Home Minister, he has all the sources at his disposal to gather information. He is also in constant touch with officers of the Delhi government.

"Had he gathered the right information, he would have known that of the 2.8 lakh CCTV cameras were promised and we have already installed more than 2 lakh of them. The process is on to install the remaining. Therefore, I request Shah to kindly keep himself updated about the work happening in Delhi," Sisodia said.

He added that it doesn't speak well for a nation if its Home Minister needs to go around with a binocular to look for CCTV cameras.

"Yesterday, he also claimed that no schools have been constructed by the AAP. I would like to invite him to my Assembly constituency -- Patparganj. I want to send him a message that if he plans a roadshow or rally in Patparganj, he should make a pit stop at Khichripur village and see for himself the newly constructed Government School Of Excellence," Sisodia said.

He also challenged Shah to show even a single government school of comparable standard that has been constructed in any of the BJP ruled states.

"I am also willing to accompany him to any other area of Delhi he chooses to visit and show him a school in that area. I don't know whether he is looking for a school in Delhi or the sky using his binocular. We have not just constructed new schools, but also refurbished the older ones to a great extent," Sisodia said.

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