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New Delhi, Jan 24 : The Congress party members on Republic Day will hold functions at the assembly level and read out the Preamble to the Constitution and reiterate the oath enshrined in its letter and spirit, a top party leader said on Friday.

In a statement, Congress General Secretary K.C. Venugopal said the programmes would highlight the fundamental rights guaranteed by the Constitution and how they are under threat by the "flawed" policies of the BJP-led Central government.

Slamming the government over its approach on the controversial Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA) and the National Register of Citizens (NRC), the former MP said: "Twenty major opposition parties met on January 13 and resolved to observe various programmes in a peaceful manner in order to draw the government's attention on issues raised by them and to defend the Constitution, so as to safeguard the basic constitutional tenets of our secular socialist democratic republic on important days." "This Sunday, on January 26, when the country celebrates the Republic Day, the Congress members will be all out in support and protection of the Constitution which came into effect on this day (in 1950)," he said.

"It is the duty of every Congressman and woman to safeguard this sacred document, it's fundamental principles and the values enshrined in it. Apart from flag hoisting programmes the Congress party's leaders and members will be holding ceremonies at the assembly-level to conduct reading out of the Preamble to our Constitution and reiterating the oath that is enshrined in its letter and spirit," Venugopal said.

The Congress leader further said that when millions are protesting every day on streets, in colleges and across institutions, the Narendra Modi government is "totally insensitive and uncaring" in its conduct.

"The protesters want CAA, NPR and NRC rolled back but the Home Minister refuses to even listen to them and publicly reaffirms that the Government is not willing to budge on the issue. There have been nearly 30 deaths and thousands have been arrested all across India," he said.

He said on January 23, the Congress members celebrated the 123rd birth anniversary of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose by paying him floral tributes all over the country.

The slogan coined by him "Jai Hind" runs in the blood of every Indian and the historic INA trials are remembered for the strong message of communal unity in the cause of India.

He also said that while the country's economy is in bad shape with nominal GDP at its lowest in last 42 years, inflation peaking with food inflation dangerously close to 15 per cent, manufacturing at its lowest in 13 years and investments have hit a 15-year low, but the priority of the government is evidently and clearly misplaced.

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