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January 27 : This 2020, Vasant Panchami will fall on Jan 29, 2020. The festival honours Goddess Saraswati so that believers are bestowed with the gifts of the wealth of knowledge. Saraswati Devi is Lord Brahma’s consort and therefore – this holy couple can make a substantial difference in the life of a devotee. Further on, you can understand the importance of the Goddess and why has the yellow colour stood to have a prominent place in a devotee's life during the Basant Panchami festival.

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Amritsar: Students offer prayers to goddess Saraswati

Basant Panchami is traditionally celebrated and denoted by the mustard yellow colour. The yellow colour is often known as the symbol of peace, light, wealth and positive energy.

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people wear yellow dresses for Vassant Panchami

On this day, people wear yellow dresses and even prepare delicacies that are mostly yellow in colour. Some of the preparations like Boondi, Kesar Halwa, Malpua are made and offered to the Devi on Puja Muhurat

People also ensure that the idol and the prayer room is decked with yellow flowers and apply a paste of turmeric tikka on the idol’s forehead.

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the yellow shade of hope and wealth

The yellow colour is often connected to wisdom and hence people pray to Goddess Saraswati, as she is known to be the Goddess of Enlightenment, Learning and Wisdom. Also in temples, mostly all idols are draped with royal yellow clothes to show royalty and wisdom.

It is during this time of the year that mustard plants bloom, and ripen. Therefore, mustard filed will be laden with yellow mustard flowers during the festival of Basant Panchami. This brings in cheer, and hope in the lives of farmers.

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Mustard Flowers

When the yellow flowers bloom, this marks the end of the harsh winters and the beginning of the rainy season or Vasant Ritu.

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Community songs and prayers during Basant Panchami

Last. People deck in new clothes that are of yellow colours, as this is considered an auspicious act. They offer prayers to Saraswati Devi and pray that the year of blessed with wealth, health and happiness.

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