Mumbai, Feb 6 : Actor-comedian Paritosh Tripathi got an emotional surprise on his birthday.

"I don't do parties on my birthday. I believe birthdays should be celebrated in peace with only close people," said the comedian, who turned a year older on February 6.

"This birthday of mine will be special because I got a wonderful surprise from my mother. She especially came to Mumbai yesterday to celebrate my birthday. She called me to come to the airport and pick her up. I just ran to the airport to get her," he added.

His mother had flown from Deoria, Uttar Pradesh.

"I was so excited that I went to the airport in my clothes that I was wearing at home. I just went and hugged her tightly. She is my inspiration, or you can also say she is my lifeline," said Paritosh.

She brought his favourite sweet dishes from their native place.

"She exactly knows what makes me happy on my birthday. I would like to thank God and my fans and hope they always shower their love on me. I have written a few poems which I will narrate to my mother. She's my best critic. She has always given me the best feedback and corrected me wherever I was wrong," said Paritosh.

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