Rome, Dec 16 : A video game has surfaced on the Internet challenging players to strike Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi as many times as they can with replicas of the northern Italian city of Milan's Cathedral.

The game appeared just two days after Massimo Tartaglia made headlines around the world for striking Berlusconi in the face with a small alabaster souvenir statuette of the Milan landmark.

The video game invites players to manoeuvre Berlusconi's head into the firing line as replicas of the gothic landmark and the world-famous Leaning Tower of Pisa fall down on him.

Each time one of the replicas hits Berlusconi's head, his smiling countenance turns into a bloody grimace. The 90-second game invites players to improve their score.

The 73-year-old premier was Tuesday still recovering in hospital after the attack in which he suffered a broken nose and two broken teeth, heavy bleeding and cuts to his face.

Doctors have said he will take three weeks to recover from his injuries.


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