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New Delhi, Feb 15 : A Chinese national undergoing treatment at Naidu Hospital in Pune has praised the Indian healthcare system. The Chinese citizen was admitted to the hospital after he showed symptoms of the novel coronavirus.

It has, however, yet to be confirmed if the patient was suffering from the coronavirus, according to doctors.

In a letter written -- in English and Chinese -- to the doctors of Naidu Hospital, the patient talked about the facilities in the Pune hospital. The Union Health Ministry has shared the letter on Twitter.

"Although it is an isolation ward, I have never felt that I am living in an isolation ward," the Chinese citizen wrote.

"It happened very suddenly... I was admitted to a hospital here in India. I was quite scared in the initial stages. My fear was about the facilities and language problems found in hospitals in India," the letter read.

But "everything here was very well-organised", the patient wrote, praising the Indian doctors.

"I was very scared in the hospital but everyone's attitude towards people who came from China was very helpful and positive." At the end of the letter, the Chinese citizen has thanked all the doctors, nurses and other staff of the hospital.

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