More than 5.63 lakh railway passengers were caught travelling ticketless or with improper tickets and carrying un-booked luggage in the northeastern region and nearby areas in the first seven months of the year, official said on Thursday. (Photo: Bid. Image Source: IANS News

New Delhi, Feb 21 : In a bid to resolve queries of railway passengers over the internet pertaining to various services offered by the national transporter in an easy language, the Indian Railways has introduced artificial intelligence-based AskDisha chatbot services in Hindi.

The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) had launched AskDISHA chatbot in October, 2018 for the benefit of the users for its ticketing and tourism website in English in 2018.

The AskDisha was meant to simulate conversation with users, especially over the internet. "IRCTC has now powered voice-enabled AskDISHA to converse with customers in Hindi also on the e-ticketing site," the IRCTC said in a statement.

"The customers can now ask questions to AskDISHA in Hindi by voice as well as text," it said.

According to IRCTC officials, on an average, around 3,000 enquiries are being handled by AskDISHA in Hindi language on daily basis and the figure is increasing every day, reflecting the acceptability of the new feature by the customer.

IRCTC plans to launch AskDISHA in more languages along with many other additional features in the near future.

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