Actors Kajol and Ajay Devgn . Image Source: IANS

Mumbai, Feb 25 : Bollywood actress Kajol has been tutoring her actor-filmmaker husband Ajay Devgn on how to click selfies! Kajol on Tuesday morning took to Instagram, where she shared a photograph of herself sitting on a stair case. According to the caption, it seemed that the actress wanted her hubby to feature in the photo with her.

She captioned the image: "Me: Baby let's take a selfie na... Hubby: Go sit there I will take it... Me: Selfie means both of us together and someone in the pic clicks it. His answer: pointing finger.. laugh emojis." Ajay shared the same image and said it was his version of a selfie.

"My version of the selfie is usually myself behind the camera," he said.

-- Syndicated from IANS

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