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New Delhi, Feb 25 : On the second day of reopening of schools in Kashmir after a break of over six months, the netizens continue to respond enthusiastically.

A Twitter user shared the post of kids going to school with the caption, "Schools reopen in Valley, students happy to return to classrooms." The shared post showed students walking towards their respective schools to attend their classes.

Similar photos of the school going children surfaced on the internet, and Twitterati flooded the social media with their reactions.

A user wrote, "Look their faces, glowing in joy." Another wrote, "Wow...How cute these kids are...I pray these flowers will keep smiling always...." A post read, " Today the schools re-open in #Kashmir. It's always a special day after long winter vacation. That feel of your school blazer, hugging your friends, smiles shared with teachers, sitting on your bench.. You realise that you are back in family. I pray this whole year remains special." "Wow! They deserve much more peace and prosperity. Innocents should not suffer at all. They should get healthy atmosphere and good education for doing great for our country as well as the whole world," a user remarked.

For the last six months, most students in Kashmir have been missing school after the abrogation of Article 370 on August 5.

The government opened the schools in a phased manner days after the revocation of Article 370, but the move proved a non starter as most students did not attend school. And then, the customary three month winter break were also announced, thus aggregating the break to six months.

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