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February 27 : Shah Rukh Khan has got one more feather to add to his life achievements this year and we are truly happy for him. This 2020, La Trobe University had decided to add his name a scholarship for research students and this fine actor was most happy to be part of this idea.

The prestigious Shah Rukh Khan La Trobe University Ph.D. Scholarship was given to Indian Female Ph.D. research student Gopika Kottantharayil Bhasi, from Thrissur and the event took place in Mumbai. It was truly a moment of pride when $200,000 (AUD), that was about 9.5 million Indian rupees Scholarship was awarded to this brainy girl.

SRK mentioned his gratitude for how the Indian Film Festival, Melbourne, had helped the Indian cinema gain more recognition on the global front. He revealed that I am a staunch believer of education. Empowering and educating women is key and the world goes forward with educating women. I think education in India or anywhere else in the world is a step forward’.

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Shah-Rukh-Khan at la Trobe University Scholarship Event

He congratulated Gopika for her victory and also getting this golden chance to do her Ph.D. with such a fantastic university. He wished her luck and admired her determination to pursue her dream in life. With such a golden opportunity, she would now be able to travel to Melbourne and hopefully improve the face of agriculture in India. He commented that he always felt that Women are much conscientious than us, Men and he smiled away.

During the speech, he recollected that he happened to have a fairly memorable association with Melbourne, as his film Chak De was mostly shot in this beautiful city. The DDLJ actor praised the hospitality of the people of Australia and how this association will spark a more good time for all.

He also suggested that though a lot of funds are being given for the Indian cinema, it should be given for small and medium budget movies as they are ones who are truly in need of funds.

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