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February 28 : One of the most celebrated festivals of India after Diwali 2020 , is, of course, the festival of colours- Holi 2020 . On this day, the biggest highlight is of course – the splash of colours of various shades. A person who visits India during the months of February – March, can surely get a feel of this overly energetic festival of good memories.

Significance of Holi Colours

With the onset of the spring season during Holi 2020, it means the times of joy, more vigour, more colourful forms of flora and fauna will be visible to us. These colours of plants, animals, and other forms of life add positive vibes to our lives. Also, colours hold a very crucial space in our lives today. From the soothing colours of the sea, mud, birds, we borrow many valuable lessons and infuse them into our clothing, fashion, homes, lifestyle, and even food.

This basic concept of colours or Gulal has taken the prime role of colours in Holi. They signify life and happiness in the most vibrant manner. View the Holi Celebration Photos to know the pomp and vigour of this festival. In the past, people used to extract natural colours and dyes to celebrate Holi. But now, more artificial and chemically enhanced shades of colour are filling this space of artificial Gulal for the Holi celebrations.

Meaning of Various Shades of Gulal during Holi 2020

Today, we have plenty of colours in the market and each colour signifies a special meaning. They are as follows:

The colour Yellow signifies warmth, love, and brilliance.

The colour Red signifies power, happiness, passion and victory.

The colour Blue signifies calmness and peace in life.

The colour Orange signifies creativity, ambition, positivity.

The colour Green signifies life, beauty, nature and joy.

The process of preparing the Gulaal is not a one day process. People plan, prepare and set their stalls months and days before the actual festival across India. It is a lovely sight to see the Indian local markets strewn with the spirit of colours during this time.This once in a year affair is so rejuvenating, and a part of the reason why the Indian culture is so vibrant.

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