Gautambudh Nagar, March 18 : There is an outcry in the country over the deadly coronavirus and 148 cases have been found positive so far with the government running various awareness programmes to help people combat the disease. But even after all this, the slum dwellers remain a neglected and high risk group.

On Wednesday, an IANS correspondent visited the Sector 78 slums. Around 800 people live in these slums and work locally, some of them rickshaw pullers while some work as domestic helps. These people also have children. But what was disturbing was that drains passing near these slums remain filthy, no cleaning facilities and very unhygienic conditions.

Due to the dirty conditions, these people are more prone to COVID-19. Moreover, the alleged ignorance of the administration heightens the risks.

"We are not rich enough to buy products -- sanitisers, hand wash, masks etc. -- to save ourselves from the virus, the government should provide these things to us," said Parv Chakrabarti, who works as a domestic help.

She said that they can barely meet their daily needs by working in houses. They are migrants, here today and at another place tomorrow.

When IANS contacted Noida DM B.N. Singh regarding the grievances of these people, he seemed unaware about the situation and just said, "We'll look into the matter".

So far, four people have been found coronavirus positive in Noida and have been quarantined but as a large number of poor people live in such unhygienic conditions it is up to the government and the administration to step in and help them.

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