Mumbai, March 20 : Bollywood's livewire star Ranveer Singh shared a major throwback image that disclosed that he had tried his hands at theatre before his Bollywood debut role in "Band Baaja Baaraat".

Before Bollywood, Ranveer had worked in an English play called "Carry On At The Keyhole". It was a comedy directed by Dinkar Jani.

Sharing a poster of the play on social media, the actor said: "This is a poster for a small play in which I had a small part and the story goes that I used to be a struggler and I used to sit at Prithvi theatre with two or three others like me. We used to just sit there every day, look for odd jobs. One of them got the information that an audition is happening in a college in Andheri for a small role in a small play and nobody wanted to go -- I said I'll go because I didn't have anything at that time!" Ranveer added: "I thought to myself -- 'acting acting hoti hai, koi bada chhota kya hota hai' (acting is acting, nothing big or small about it). I went for the audition , I got the part and they were very impressed by my acting. When we put up the performance - I remember one was at St Andrews and even then I felt proud when I was performing at St Andrews stage because I used to perform on St Andrews stage as a student when I was in school." "So, you know, we had a few performances, I had the role of an interior decorator who was posing to be a homosexual man in order to attract more business and it was an old English double-meaning comedy play that was headlined by Darshan Jariwala and directed by Dinkar Jani," Ranveer recalled.

Ranveer claimed whoever came to watch the play used to be be impressed by his performance.

"I really took it very seriously and I gave it everything. I used to wear some of my own clothes and most of the people who came to watch the play were just friends and family whom I had informed that I am doing this performance and to come and see it, he said, adding: "I remember meeting Yogesh Sanghvi (the producer of the play) at an awards show last year which is when we re-connected and it was a very emotional moment for him and for me - to meet after all those years - just to see his moist eyes , the pride in his eyes - 'tu kahan se kahan pahuch gaya mere dost' and I was also getting a bit emotional when I met him because he used to really like me, he used to be very kind to me." Ranveer recalled there wasn't much money in theatre but whatever the producer made, he would give to him very generously.

"He was always very fair and kind to me. So it's a very, very fond memory of mine from my struggling days," he summed up.

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