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March 26 : Jennifer Winget makes an impressive debut on the digital platform as an army lawyer who dealt with a high-profile case just days before her wedding.

The eight-episode series is crisp and cracking. she had asked to investigate an encounter that left two alleged terrorists and a soldier dead, Jennifer’s Monica soon finds that everything is not what it looks. As she talks to senior police officers, layers start coming off and the two ‘terrorists’ seem as much a victim as the armyman.

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We don’t give the army a second thought in our day to day lives, let alone the credit they’re truly due. And am I fortunate or unfortunate? I can’t say; that I donot come from an army background. But the opportunity of my character on CodeM opened my eyes and shook me in my boots, to what our armed forces go through every day of their lives. And I may not be all the way there but it has been enough to realize that it takes selfless love towards their nation, spending time away from their families and their supreme sacrifice for US!! Working in some of the world’s toughest battlefields, most often in extreme conditions to secure our comfort and that we may function as usual and be at peace in our homes. Over the years, we have all witnessed our soldiers’ unflinching determination, bravery, courage, excellency and best skills to do what is right, their enthusiasm to go the extra mile and to put India and Indians before themselves. And what’s more, they keep going back without a second thought to serve our motherland with the motto “Service Before Self”. I confess, the thought has occurred to me on and off but has always stayed distant; far from the truth and intensity of it all. Coz why dwell so long on anything that has nothing to do with you, Oh but it does! And for me, thankfully, it’s better late than never so the least I can do is say - Oh Soldiers! The real heroes. You have done more for our country than all leaders put together. I don't have words to thank you for all you have done and are still doing to keep us going.

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What worked in this show is the screenplay and gripping performances by Jennifer winget and Tanuj virwani. Thrilling scripts with good execution is treat to watch on screen.


Akshay choubey has done great justice with script and execution. Along, with that he had maintained that suspense and thriller part in this show. Code M makers offer us several unprecedented twists and a mind-blowing climax. Rajat Kapoor shines in this series

The beauty of the script is every episode ends with a twist and you are bound to check out the next episode. This 8 episode series is totally binge watch worthy and you won't repent watching this series. I am waiting for season 2 where Monica handles another case and I watch her with my eyes shining bright.

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