COVID-19: Rajasthan woman politicians strike work-life balance.. Image Source: IANS News

Jaipur, March 26 : Women politicians in Rajasthan are proving again how versatile they are in doing their tasks when it comes to crisis management. In the present testing times, they are rendering their regular tasks be it managing their constituencies/work and simultaneously engaging in their household chores like cooking three meals a day, cleaning vessels and homes, gardening, ironing and what not, when the maids are away.

In these testing times, COVID-19 has changed all social equations for one and all calling women leaders for a change which they have well adhered to.

Speaking to IANS, state Women and Child Development Minister Mamta Bhupesh says that her day starts with listening to problems of people of her constituency. Two hours are fixed to listen and resolve people's problems, then comes the task of cooking breakfast. "Kids are now happy for they are getting food being cooked by me and are terming it as Mummy ka Dhaba." "Also, in absence of domestic help, I am looking after my garden, cleaning my home and vessels and what not." Besides, she is also using her time talking to villagers in her constituency who are engaged in crop harvest to make them aware of tips and precautions to be followed by them like to sit in different corners maintaining social distance.

The minister says she is loving to have her own time reading books on former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.

Former education minister and BJP MLA Kiran Maheshwari is also busy doing her household chores while giving most of her time listening to the problems of people of her constituency.

"COVID-19 has changed everyone's perception. We never thought world will be shaken this way. There are people from our Rajsamand constituency who are studying or working in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Vishakatpatnam etc and they want to come back. Their relatives have been calling me and I am busy assuring them that there is no way now that they can come so stay there where you are." "Also, it being Navratri time, I am offering my regular prayers to Mata Rani so that everything turns normal for everyone. We never had extra time for these prayers so now I am giving my time to prayers. Also, I am back to my favourite hobby- cooking - which I was not getting time for despite being a good cook. My son and daughter-in-law are helping me in all other chores as the domestic help is also off." Vice-president of Pradesh Congress Committee Archana Sharma also has the same story with her day starting with cooking breakfast, cleaning her house and then planning next dish for lunch and dinner.

"My daughter is a doctor in SMS hospital. So I started my day by packing her food as she has now been deputed in ICU of the hospital and hence she will not come here for two days. Next, I did wash her clothes in washing machine, but had to iron her clothes which was quite tough for me as I am not used to it." Also Vikram Seth being her favourite writer, she is reading his novels in spare times. "Today, I have cooked Rajma Rice for my family, it being their favourite. Besides these personal tasks, there are many tasks I need to accomplish as PCC vice-president which i have been doing," she asserts.

Anita Bhadel, Ajmer MLA, says she is busy attending calls to people of her constituency however when she is free which is somewhere around 10.30 in night. "I sit with my family which earlier was not possible as everyone had their own routine to start in morning, which is not the case now." As these women leaders strike a work-life balance, people around wonder if this multi-tasking is the reason which makes women the leaders these days!

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