Kolkata, March 27 : West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Thursday lost her cool when asked about the shortage of bread in the market due to the coronavirus induced lockdown, and said that people should instead make handmade rotis as there is "bound to be some sufferings during calamities".

"What can I do if there is shortage of bread? Have handmade rotis then," she replied, as she scolded the scribe who raised the issue.

"You were waiting to ask this question? Please don't ask such trivial questions. When I come here, I will only say what I want to convey. I won't reply to your queries," Banerjee said at a press meet held at the stat secretariat, Nabanna.

Banerjee said her government wants the bakeries to remain open, and would make efforts in that direction. "But one has to understand, how can those who live at far off places, come leaving behind their children? "You should spare some thought about their children also. Now if you go to mend your shoes, you may not find the cobbler. So what? The cobber is also a human being. When there is a calamity, there is bound to be some sufferings," she said.

Banerjee recalled that she had once written a poem on calamities, and stressed that one has to overcome fears about calamity and tackle it.

"Have you understood," she asked the scribe.

"We are not 'lat sahibs' (royals). We can also make handmade rotis, pudding and pulao with flattened rice," she said.

Banerjee then went advised people to drink lemon and warm water.

"It will keep you healthy. Your throat will be clear. Take curd, neem leaves, moringa. Eat light," she added.

As she wrapped up the press conference, the Chief Minister threw a question to a scribe. "So, what else do you want? Cake?" As the journalist gave a reply, Banerjee said: "I take four raw neem leaves daily".

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