Mobile hand-wash facility for slums in Andhra town.
Mobile hand-wash facility for slums in Andhra town.. Image Source: IANS News

Amaravati, March 30 : Authorities in an Andhra Pradesh town are providing mobile hand-wash facility for slum dwellers to help protect themselves from coronavirus.

Officials in Nandyal town in Kurnool district have arranged mobile hand-wash facility in slums to ensure that people living there too have easy access to preventive measures.

With prevention being the only cure for coronavirus, people are taking extra care about personal hygiene, especially focusing on frequent hand-wash or using hand sanitisers to protect themselves.

Mobile hand-wash facility for slums in Andhra town. Image Source: IANS News

As slum dwellers lack access to water and sanitizers, Nandyal municipal authorities came with the novel idea. They fitted a water tanker to an open vehicle with four tap connections and four wash basins. Two soap dispensers were also installed.

Official said the move would bring equality among people in terms of access to better health and sanitation facilities. The facility will help slum dwellers and homeless people to wash their hands frequently, they said.

Andhra Pradesh on Sunday reported two Covid-19 cases, taking the total to 21. According to the health department two of these patients have recovered.

-- Syndicated from IANS

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