Janhvi Kapoor. Image Source: IANS

March 31 : Life could throw lemons at us, but to make the best out of the situation is an art that we must master these days in quarantine. Actress Janhvi Kapoor shared her thoughts on self-isolation on Monday night, and this post will surely reveal the lady that she is deep inside. The post is lengthy but worth reading, as it really would spark good vibes in all of us.

The post was captioned like this, ‘Also learnt that I like to write... p.s. wrote this 3 days ago since we started self-isolating a little before the lockdown and it had already been a week for me by then.’ He post was loved by her siblings Arjun Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor. The actress confessed that she did take a long time to write this post, but indeed, didn’t she awaken a bit of our thoughts and life, somewhere in between? Yes, this letter was raw and revealed the sweet, naïve, and humble side of this actress.

She mentioned that she began to value simple and very basic things in life. From the pain her caretakers took to lay food on the table, to see her father waiting patiently for his girls, to reminding herself that she took life for granted – everything was worded in a touching manner.

Ever since the self-isolation way of life has set in India, she understood that she could paint much better than she had expected and that her younger sister was a cool person in times like this – than she was. On seeing this post, many of her friends and well-wishers from the cinema industry felt that this was one of the best posts that she had written. She will soon be seen in Gunjan Saxena.

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