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April 07 : As the whole world follows the science of break the chain in order to put the COVID – 19 to rest, Bollywood celebs too are on the same page. Today, along with practicing self- isolation on World Health Day, Bollywood celebrity Kriti Sanon has one more piece of advice. She posted the tip along with a throwback picture from her film Raabta. Take a look at what she aims to highlight now.

She captioned her post, ‘Take care of your body, and it will take care of YOU! #WorldHealthDay Get out of your lazy beds and do some exercise- walk around, yoga, mat workout, dance(my fav), cardio, anything.. just wake up every inch of your body, and you’ll have a great day!!’

If you notice, the lanky fit actress can be seen seated in a yoga pose. She wore summer cool loose cotton clothes and encouraged her fans to do some form of exercise while sitting at home. With today being World Health Day, apart from thanking the medical professionals for their work, we too can work towards a healthy world. Her timely post indicated that people should get out of their beds, and not keep lying down. She suggested various methods of exercising and that included dancing, cardio, walking around the house, and anything that would wake up those sleepy muscles.

Watch Kriti Sanon's lehenga on the ramp

This scene was from her 2017 film Raabta where she shared screen space with Sushant Singh Rajput. This action romantic film revolved around the concept of reincarnations and how the stars affect the life of lovers. Though the film was a disaster on the box- office rounds, people loved the role that she had picked up.

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