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April 08 : Today, is a happy day for Allu Arjun and his family, and we all love to be part of it! For those, who love the Butta Bomma song, you would surely know what we are talking about! On April 8, 2020, as his fans celebrate his birthday, we too would love to show his loved up moments in life. When a person balances his work and family, that is truly something that needs applause! These curated photos will be a visual treat for all his fans, so take a look!

That is the real Allu, a far reality from the reel superhero that we see! In this post, he is a humble family man who loves to dress up simple, traditional and most of all – values the time he spends with his munchkins. This photo was taken for a Diwali party.

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Happy Birthday Cutieee 😘

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A humble photo that would sizzle up the romance even in the hardest of hearts! He is known to be a stylish actor, dancer, and his flirtatious looks would take your breath away! But, once home, he proves to be the hub of peace and harmony for his wife.

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Life Lo Ela Undali ??? And they said “ HAPPY GAAAAAAA “

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Allu Arjun proves that success in life is not always associated with money and fame. Sometimes, small things matter. This Insta post shows that his happiest moments bloom when he is in the midst of his family.

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Happy Holi Everyone #holi2019

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A true star shines even when he is not on the reel. To see his face brighten up like a million stars, on seeing his daughter’s laugh is one of the heavenly shots that we have on this list. This man is surely is a dream father that every girl would love to have in life.

This is a post that truly reflects on the early days of his marriage and, shows that he loves being the backbone of his family. A woman feels truly empowered when her family loves what she does, and here Allu Arjun looks proud, complete and self-contained in this family picture.

A photo that speaks a million words about love. This superbly cute post just caught our hearts. On Arjun’s birthday, this snap will set off couple goals for all who are at a point of breakup. Life is not always flowery, but Arjun proves that he can always stop the world to share some love with his wife Sneha.

Well, if you think he has his eyes only on his kids and wife, then that is a huge no. This photo caption mentions all the love he has for his baby brother Allu Sirish. You can see the softness with which he takes care that his baby girl does not spoil the cake cutting ceremony of his brother's birthday.

On this special day, we wish him all the luck and hope to see more of his adrenaline pumping roles in the coming years.

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