New Delhi, April 9 : Millions of stray animals co-habiting in our cities depend on food and water from passers-by, markets, restaurants and local businesses. While the growing Covid-19 pandemic has sent most of us into the comfort of our homes, along with the shutdown of public establishments- strays across the city have been rendered helpless and hungry.

To safeguard the sustenance of our street companions, contemporary clothing brand Bhaane has partnered with an animal welfare NGO Friendicoes-SECA and a network of police verified animal feeders across the cities.

The team continues to feed and have made a pledge to support the livelihood of other stray animals by also donating 100 per cent of Bhaane's e-shop revenue during the lockdown period of 21 days to Friendicoes.

You can do your bit from home: • Shop on • Leave a bowl of water and a slice of bread at your gates/windows.

• Cook extra and feed when you step out for your errands.

• Help feeders with more food.

• Apply for a feeder's pass. (The government has issued 50 passes per district.)

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