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New Delhi, April 25 : Have an important work from home video call or a hot date on zoom, but in desperate need to go to the salon? We feel your pain.

Which is why we spoke to the experts for some easy breezy hairstyles to try at home. It's time to power dress or doll up, depending on the situation and boost your morale.

A chic hairstyle will make you feel better and Instagram worthy, so you can nail that meeting. Here are four chic ways to style your locks by Chandni Kamdar, Technical Training at John Paul Mitchell Systems India.

This hairstyle is fun and cute, it can be paired well with comfy clothes as it is very versatile. You would require a simple rubber band, a few bobby pins and a comb. Make sure to keep this messy as it enhances the look and makes the hair voluminous. Start with tying half of your hair up in a ponytail and then wrap that around make sure to keep it loose. Secure this bun with bobby pins and viola you are done. You can also take away some loose strands to frame your face with them.


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A favourite genre for any woman is chick flicks; seeing simple hairstyles look so good makes one super jealous. Take a curling iron along with a transparent rubber band and some hair gel. Start with brushing your hair and dividing it into two parts from the middle and then go ahead and curl them into loose waves. Once done pull your hair into a high ponytail, after which you can set it with a bit of hair gel. Lastly take a strand from your ponytail and wrap it around the rubber band for some extra jazz. You can also add sparkle pins to keep this hairstyle cool.


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If you are in a mood to experiment with your quarantine locks, try a braided bun, this bun is intricate and will keep your hair away from your face in this hot weather. Start by dividing your hair into two parts, braid them into a regular braid, once done make this into a bun. Secure with a bunch of bobby pins to hold in place. When you open your hair, voila, a wave of curls greet you.


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We all miss the music festival season but dress the part to feel like you are out in a concert. Start with combing out all your tangles, then divide your hair into two sections from the middle take some hair from your hairline and start braiding it in reverse, go on doing it till you reach the end of your hair and repeat the same on the other side too.


Image Source: IANS News

A simple yet effective way to amp your ponytail and braid. Start with a braid, divide your hair into three parts, make sure that a section is big enough for a ponytail. Put the other sections into a braid and pull it up along with the other section into a ponytail. Once done make sure to mess the ponytail a bit for volume.

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