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May 06 : The glorious birth of Lord Buddha is celebrated as Buddha Purnima or Buddha Jayanti every year. This year, his birth anniversary falls on May 7, 2020, and all devotees will spend time listening to his teachings and getting enlightened to bring an end to their miseries in their life. On this special day, people make it a point to visit the holy pilgrimage at Bodh Gaya, which is known to be the place where Gautam Buddha got enlightened and started teaching the principles of Buddhism.

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On this day, devotees visit the temples, listen to the chants recited by monks, and pray to get purified. They engage in charity works and seek the blessings of Lord Buddha. Along with getting spiritually pure in life, people take time to send Vesak or Buddha Purnima messages to all they care for. Here, you can get a fine collection of Buddha Jayanti stickers that could be posted on social media.

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Praying that you find purpose in life
Praying that peace fills your heart
Happy Buddha Purnima

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Wishing you Happy Buddha Purnima

May Lord Buddha guide your life
Have a blessed year ahead
Happy Buddha Purnima

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Buddha Purnima festival wishes

On this Vesak, may your life be filled with happiness and prosperity
Happy Vesak

Forgive, Smile, Learn what life has to offer
Help the Unfortunate
Be grateful for your blessings to Lord Buddha
Happy Buddha Jayanti

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Happy Buddha Jayanti greetings

Hope and you will receive
May His divine grace fill your mind
Happy Buddha Purnima

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Be blessed by Lord Buddha

With the right intention, success will be with you
With calm minds, you can think wise
Get enlightened and live a life of simplicity
Happy Buddha Jayanti

May Lord Buddha show you light and the truth
Happy Buddha Purnima

Wishing a life of success always
Happy Buddha Purnima

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Live, and wisdom can be attained from Lord Buddha

No Success can be gained without His blessing
Let anger be replaced by compassion
Live a blessed Buddha Purnima this year

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