Congress President Rahul Gandhi. (File Photo: IANS). Image Source: IANS News

New Delhi, May 8 : Just when Congress supporters were seeing a glimmer of hope, with the party making a good jab be it on the migrant issue or Rahul Gandhi garnering 7.5 crore views with his Raghuram Rajan and Abhijit Banerjee interviews on social media, the Gandhi scion and former chief have dashed their hopes with "no immedaite plans to return" kind of statement.

Asked about his come back as party president again on Friday during a media interaction, Gandhi again did not reply directly but said "read my letter" one year back.

During the Covid lockdown Rahul Gandhi has been more active in the party affairs. He has been making powerful intervention -- as such the much hyped talk in the Congress circles was that he will return.

However, when asked by the reporters that "your activeness is being perceived as come back" the -year-old did not respond directly.

"Please read my letter from one year back," he said explaing that his activeness was "important".

The resignation of the Gandhi scion had come after the party was decimated badly in general elections and Rahul Gandhi too lost his seat from Amethi while he won from Wayanad.

Rahul Gandhi in his letter after the general election debacle had blamed senior party leaders for not making any effort for the party to win and only subjected themselves to the elections of kith and kin.

Sources at that time said that Rahul expected that senior leaders will take the blame and quit but that did not happen though in the working committee everyone offered to resign to compel Rahul Gandhi to take his decision back but he did not yield to that pressure.

There are various suggestions emanating from the party that Rahul Gandhi should take over while some in the party, like Shashi Tharoor have suggested that the Congress should have a permanent president as Sonia Gandhi was appointed interim chief in August last year.

Leaders like Anil Shastri have said that Priyanka Gandhi could be a better choice as a president from outside the Gandhi family may not able to hold the party together.

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