Happy Mothers Day. Image Source: Prokerala

May 10 : Mothers are always God sent angels to our lives. Today, on May 10, 2020, you will get the golden chance to honor your mother and make her feel truly special. Make sure that on this day, you fulfill all her silliest joys to the fullest. From making cakes or sweets to laying the table for a grand dinner, to pampering her with a leg massage, this beautiful soul should feel loved on this day!

Image Source: Prokerala

Celebrate motherhood

Along with the joyous celebrations, you can also take time to send heartfelt messages of love and compassion to your mothers. It may be your own mother, your aunt, your grandmother, your teacher, or any lady who helped you during your growing years. Send them these Mother’s Day wishes and appreciate their sacrifices today.

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mothers day greetings

Today I stand high
Coz you held my hand when I was small
Happy Mother’s Day

Sending across a kiss to the angel in my life
Happy Mother's Day

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mother and child images

Your kisses, your hugs, and your smell is what brings a smile on my face today
I feel so blessed to be your child
Happy Mother’s Day

A mother reflects pure selfless love
A mother is all about bringing lives together
You are the best gift that life has offered me
Happy Mother’s Day

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Send Grandmothers a mothers day wish

We may be miles apart
We may have grown older
But your love is still the reason for my happiness
Happy Mother’s Day

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Mother Day Ecards

You were tired, but never showed
You struggled to feed us, but never cared about hunger
You kept your dreams aside, to make ours' true
You are the best I have ever seen
Happy Mother’s Day

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Beautiful Mothers Day celebration

Mothers are the only things that the world would never want to lose
Happy Mother’s Day

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Love for mothers

Mama means calmness over the fire
Mama means hope in times of doubt
Mama means love that never dies
Happy Mother’s Day

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Mothers Day stickers for Whatsapp

Need a break in life?
Go hug the dearest woman in your life!
Her Mama instincts are enough to bring peace to your mind
Happy Mother’s Day

Image Source: Prokerala

Heart images with mother and child

You were the sweet chili of my life
You were the impressive thorn who pushed me beyond my boundaries
You are irreplaceable
Happy Mother’s Day

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