Mumbai: Actress Kareena Kapoor Khan on the sets of Dance India Dance Season 7 in Mumbai on Aug 28, 2019.. Image Source: IANS

May 22 : We all are aware of the disastrous after-effects that Cyclone Amphan had shed on human life, buildings, livestock, and nature on the whole. Amid a life where social distancing and COVID happen to rule the everyday lives of Indians, this natural disaster has taken human suffering to the next level. Today, Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor Khan had shared some of the most heartbreaking photos that showcase the way people in Bengal are suffering at the moment.

If you notice, her Instagram post contained more than 5- 6 photos. These showed the flooded roads, how people carried their precious belongings, and lives in this water. Also, you could see how vehicles have been damaged; huge trees have been uprooted wholly and finally fallen upon cars and trucks. It is saddening to see the tiger that was heavily injured during this disaster. Among this, there have been many people who have lost lives, and still, the government is trying to recover lives in the quickest and safest way possible.

On seeing this post, most of her fans appreciated that she had posted a topic that needed the most attention now. While most Bollywood celebrities seem to be posting pictures of their love life, food that they have tried, and also what they are doing their lockdown –the sweet Bebo seems to connect to people’s problems at a more humble level.

Last, she also posted a serene stream of things that she has begun to get bored during lockdown life. Among the few she mentioned included: her Zoom calls, continually munching on Banana bread, Netflix movies, sleeping off the early morning at 5 am, seem to have got into her top boring list now. She missed her outings, her girl gans, her Friday parties, and all of that wild girl's life! Somehow, she just shouted out what each one of us wanted to do!

Finally, she closed her post with a question, ‘What are your problems’? That is a great way to interact with her and put your boredom to rest.

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