Taapsee Pannu. (Photo: Amlan Paliwal/IANS). Image Source: IANS News

May 22 : Bollywood actor Taapsee Pannu took to Instagram to share for her experiences that she had reminisced from her film 'Game-Over' shooting days. The actress posted a picture of her sitting in a wheelchair and staring at the sunlight that peeped through her window. For those who have seen this film, you would understand the nerve chilling manner in which the story took us through the life of a girl. The main character of this psychological thriller Game Over was none other than Taapsee Pannu.

In her post, we could a young Taapsee who had fine-tuned and matured in her thoughts and experience in films. Her whole lesson about life reflected on how people are given two chances in life to do the best and to live their dreams. She pointed out when the Game Over was presented to her, she was at a phase where she needed to make the choices rightly. On reading the script, she realized that this role was for her, and it sent in a great source of confidence to plan and work for her career. In 'Game Over', she threw light on a very unnoticed subject. It meant that life was not merely about survival, but to reach the top and win your dreams too.

Her special message about life and her experiences read like this, “We all have 2 lives, the second one starts when you have only one left” That’s what was written in that envelope I’m holding n when I read it for the first time it hit me hard. Made me believe in living in the moment so much. Not that I was much of a planner before that. #GameOver was again more than just a movie , more than just a story for me n for everyone who understood the meaning behind it. Life is what u gonna make it, you should have the will power to LIVE and not just survive. #Throwback #Archive #QuarantinePost.

During this lockdown time, while we are staying at home safely and practicing social distancing, her message of how to live life – is truly meaningful. This may be a throwback picture, but her thoughts showcase how much life and Bollywood cinema has taught her over the years.

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