Actress Urvashi Rautela . Image Source: IANS

May 22 : Urvashi Rautela is known to be a chic swag girl of Bollywood. But just like a celebrity has their first gruesome experience, she too did have a couple to learn. Today, she took to Instagram to share her memories of how she was shouted at, just because she never knew how to smoke a cigar. That, showcases a tough side of the cinema world, amid all the glam, fame, and money that Bollywood actresses can wade into. During this lockdown, most of the celebrities are taking to social media to share their BTS videos and pictures, and that surely throws a vivid light on how their shoot life was going on all these years.

In the video, we can see a beautiful, yet ruffian styled character. Urvashi did try to give off that bold, rowdy look, but somehow when that cigar shot failed from her control – she looked cute! For this video, she did get comments from her fans, who were admiring her beauty. She had tied her hair into a messy bun, drew her eyes with dark eyeliners, wore red lipstick and she was a bold shot of sensuality in this video. She wore an olive green jacket, with a black shirt, and also ripped up black jeans. To get that macho look, she wore some net protective gear on her hands. She was in the middle of the film crew, cameramen, a glass table, loads of shot glasses, liquor, and her famous cigar.

The actress could be seen fumbling with her cigar and finally, it fell onto her pants. At that point, she was being shouted or rather made fun of by the person who managed this shot. She captioned her short BTS video with these hashtags, which explained her pitiable situation very well. It read like this, ‘#BTS #mostdifficultshot #cigar #selflearntin5seconds #nonsmokerforlife

P.S. I was shouted at for not knowing how to smoke a cigar SMOKING IS INJURIOUS FOR HEALTH’

We loved the fact that she had the guts to try the scene for the first time in her life, the fact that she could bear to get a shouting in the midst of so many people and the fact that she never minded sharing this reality with her fans – was super adorable! It is often easy to find the reel glam girls and superheroes tell their small stories of failures to the world. Guess, this lockdown will teach us more unheard experiences of the cinema world in the coming days.

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